Adam to Zion
Lesson 15

Sons of God, Daugthers of Men

"The angels noticed that the daugthers of men were beautiful, and they married any one of them that they chose."-Genesis 6:2 (Moffatt Translation)

Long before the creation of mankind angels were created. Most of these angels were very happy serving God and enjoying the many blessings bestowed upon them. When God and the Logos formed the earth and placed Adam upon it to be its ruler, the angels sang with happiness! Here would be more beings-Adam and his millions of children -in the wonderful universal family of God.

But there was one spirit being who was not at all pleased with God's plan. His name was Lucifer (Son of the morning, Day Star) and he was handsome and talented. He would have been a great help working along with God and the Logos in their exciting projects. Unfortunately, Lucifer did not desire to cooperate with his Creator. He was ambitious and jealous and wondered why the Logos should have such an important part in the universe (Isaiah 14:12-14).

He became very rebellious. A few of the angels would follow him, but just a few would not help much. Then Adam and Eve were created. Children would be born until the planet earth would be filled with people. Perhaps Lucifer thought: "Here will be a large number of individuals who will not know as much as the angels do about God and his love. They might accept me as their god."

Then a terrible thing happened. Lucifer, who came to be known as Satan (which means adversary, hater, enemy of good) caused Adam and Eve to sin against God. He tempted Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit by lying to her that she would not surely die (Genesis 3:4).

It was possible for angels to materialize at that time, and many of them did so that they could marry the daugthers of men.

God saw that it would be good for mankind to have experience with sin and evil, so he permitted Satan and his followers, the fallen angels, to continue in their disobedient ways. This experience with sin will help mankind choose righteousness in the Millennial age for they will have learned sin's dreadful results.

Most of the angels were happy when God created man on the earth!

Some angels materialized and married human women!

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