"Thou hast put all things under him." Psa. 8:6

Our text is a prophecy respecting the Divine intention that eventually Messiah's Kingdom shall be established in majesty and power. Victoriously it shall overthrow the Prince of Darkness and his reign of Sin and Death. Gradually it will emancipate humanity, healing their sin-sickness, opening their blinded eyes of understanding, and unstopping their deaf ears to the Message of Divine grace and peace. Eventually every knee shall bow and every tongue confess to the glory of God. In the language of our text, Divine Power will be exercised through Messiah and His Kingdom to the full subjection of every earthly thing to Him.

From day to day we repeat the Lord's prayer, "Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth, as it is done in Heaven." Its fulfillment would be impossible aside from the associated promise of the Bible that the present Dispensation of preaching the Gospel is eventually to give way to the Messianic Kingdom and its reign of force. Many Christian people entirely overlook this feature of the Divine Program-that the New Dispensation is to be ushered in by a Time of Trouble which will wreck everything not fully in accord with the Divine standards.


We remind you of the Divine decree respecting Messiah's Kingdom recorded in the Second Psalm: "I will give Thee the heathen for Thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for Thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; Thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel." This prophecy is referred to by our Lord, who declared that its fulfillment would be after the completion of His Church, to participate with Him in the work of bringing the world into proper subjection to the rules of righteousness, justice and love. He says, "To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with Me in My Throne." "He that overcometh . . . will I give power over the nations; and he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken into shivers; even as I received of My Father." Rev. 3:21; 2:26, 27

A failure to apply the Scripture portraying the transfer of the government of earth from the Prince of Darkness to the Prince of Light has confused the minds of many and led them to expect things contrary to the Divine Word. The very Scripture so frequently quoted in support of a gradual conversion of the world declares that this transfer will not be by the conversion of the world-that it will be by Messiah's taking possession of man's inheritance purchased by Him for humanity at Calvary. The nations will become Christ's by the conquering power of the terrible trouble in which the nations will be angry and God's wrath will come. Rev. 11:15-18


In the long ago our forefathers studied these Scriptures, but misunderstood and misapplied them. They assumed that God had given to the Church authority to establish His Kingdom. The espoused virgin Church became united or married to the world-to civil power-and ceased to wish for and to pray for the Heavenly Bridegroom to whom she was espoused through the Gospel. Under the delusions that she had been authorized to establish Messiah's Kingdom and that her share in earthly dominion brought about by union with civil power constituted it the Kingdom of Messiah, the Church endeavored to apply and to fulfil these prophecies.

An attempt was made to rule the world with a rod of iron through the civil governments, and to put under the Church's feet everything antagonistic to her supposed rights and interests. As a result of this mistaken interpretation of the Lord's Word, the world was drenched with blood, and atrocities were committed by professed followers of Christ, who, however sincere they were in many respects, served the cause of Satan and misrepresented the cause of God.

Imperfect human reasoning is apt to go from one extreme to the opposite. Hence, revolting from the thought of the Church's conquering the world by sword and flame, by thumb-screw and rack and stake, the general misconception turned to an expectation of conquering the world by the Gospel Message. This second mistake is not so serious in some respects as the first-it does not involve horrible atrocities in the name of God and the Savior. However, it is equally misleading as respects the truth. It sets aside the Word of God and substitutes the human theory that the preaching of the Gospel is to convert the world. The Divine Word is that the preaching of the Gospel is for the purpose of selecting a Church to be Messiah's jointheirs in His Kingdom.

If the Church could convert the world with the Gospel, it would be very fine. But it is surely absurd to so expect in the face of our experiences of the past century and of the plain statements of God's Word to the contrary. All see that the world is not being converted, and that if Christianity cannot convert the people at home, it would be vain for her to expect to convert the heathen abroad. If great religious centers [HG670] such as London, Rome and Washington are no nearer to having God's will done in them as it is done in Heaven, what hope would there be of better results in heathendom7 We are not saying one word against Foreign Missions. God forbid! In proportion as we are able to send the light of Truth into more benighted lands, let us do so.

But if possible, let us send the True Light from God's Word. And let us trim our lamps that we ourselves may have that True Light in our favored land. What we urge is that Christian people should come back to the teaching of the Bible. In order to do this, each denomination should throw away its creedal spectacles, which have injured the spiritual sight of all of us. All true children of God should study afresh the Divine Chart, which shows us where we are and the port for which we should strive.


Thus doing, all is plain. The shadows and mists of darkness flee away. We begin to realize and to see that the Elect Church are all that are being saved as yet, and that they are being chosen out of the world for a very special, high office in joint-heirship with their Redeemer.

The non-elect are not consigned to endless misery nor to purgatorial torture, but simply sleep, awaiting the glorious awakening in the morning of the New Dispensation-awaiting the establishment of Messiah's Kingdom with power for their release from the chains of sin and the prison-house of the tomb. If this Message goes to the heathen of the Orient, it will doubtless deal with them as it has done with the peoples of the Occident-all will receive enlightenment; a few will be drawn to saintship and prepared under the Lord's providence for glory, honor and immortality with Jesus at His Second Coming, by the glorious "change" of the First Resurrection.


In the eighth Psalm we find the Prophet expressing amazement at the greatness of the Creator as manifested in nature, especially in the starry firmament. He then expresses amazement that so great a Being should take heed to humanity in its present deplorable, fallen, sinful condition. Prophetically he implies a knowledge of the fact that God from the beginning purposed a redemption for every member of the race.

The Prophet then answers his own question as to what man is, explaining that as he left the hand of his Creator he was crowned with glory and honor, as an earthly image of his Maker, only a little lower in gradation or scale than the angels. He was made to have dominion over the earthly works of God. The intimation is that God's visiting of humanity in due time will mean the reclamation of the earthly dominion and its human king from sin and death. Nothing in the prophecy goes into detail, because it was not then due time for details to be revealed.


St. Paul declares, "Now is our salvation nearer than when we first believed." The greater nearness should make many features of that salvation much more conspicuous. Taking up David's prophecy, he shows that it implies human Restitution, the bringing of mankind back to the image and likeness of God and to the full dominion of earth-the redemption fully offsetting the curse. "But," the Apostle proceeds, "we see not yet all things put under him." (Heb. 2:8, 9) Do we see anything? Has any star of hope arisen guaranteeing the coming blessings?

Yes! The Apostle declares, "We see Jesus, made a little lower than the angels, crowned with glory and honor"-just as the first man was-and this in order that He might suffer death-in order that He might be the Redeemer or Ransomer of the first man and his family, humanity.

Thus we see that the foundation has been laid for God's return of favor to humanity-a Sin-Offering and Atonement, covering Adam and all of his race.

What a grand superstructure of blessings will ultimately be erected upon this broad and gracious foundation! But we ask, Why the long delay of more than eighteen centuries?-and yet the work of uplifting the race of Adam from sin and death has only been started-only the Church have had their eyes and ears of understanding opened, permitting them to come into relationship with God through Christ.


Unless it be seen that the work of this Gospel Age has been specially to select the Church, Christ's jointheirs in His Messianic Kingdom, no answer can be given as to why the Almighty has so long delayed to bring to earth the Heavenly Kingdom.

Its blessings waited for and prayed for are still future. They cannot come until the First-fruits shall have been harvested. St. James (1:18) declares that the Church is a kind of First-fruits unto God of His creatures. Through this First-fruits the Divine blessing will operate amongst men for a thousand years, to restore that which was lost-human perfection in the image and likeness of [HG671] the Creator.

St. Paul's argument proceeds along this line. He declares that the first feature of the Divine Plan is to bring many sons to glory-as joint-heirs with Jesus. As Jesus was made perfect through sufferings, so these, following Him as their Captain and Leader, walking in His steps, are also to be made perfect through sufferings, for "if we suffer with Him, we shall also reign with Him." Heb. 2:10; 2 Tim. 2:12

Proceeding, the Apostle discusses this sanctified class, Head and Body. They are sanctified, or set apart, under a special covenant, which reads, "Gather My saints together unto Me, those that have made a Covenant with Me by sacrifice." (Psalm 50:5)

This special sanctification or setting apart to sacrifice marks this little company of sons of God as separate and distinct from all others of God's creatures. With their Lord and Head, they are heirs of God-jointheirs with Jesus Christ their Lord, if so be that they suffer with Him. The Redeemer who sanctifies them and those who are sanctified through Him "are all of one [Body or company], for which cause He is not ashamed to call them brethren, saying, I will declare Thy name unto My brethren-in the midst of the Church will I sing praise unto Thee." Heb. 2:11, 12


Then the Apostle's argument broadens so as to include the general scope of Messiah's redemptive work-extending beyond the Church, His Body, to Adam and all the families of the earth. St. Paul quotes in proof of this, "Behold, I and the children which God hath given me." This statement evidently applies to those who will be saved to the human, earthly salvation during the Millennium. They will all be the children of Messiah. That it could not refer to the Church is evident; for we are never styled the children of Christ, but His brethren, His spouse, His members.

St. Peter elsewhere emphasizes this, saying, "The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ hath begotten us." (1 Pet. 1:3) Jesus emphasized this also, saying, "My Father and your Father." Never did the Master speak of Himself as the Father of His Church class, nor would it be an appropriate figure that He should be represented as espoused to His own children. On the contrary, He is prophetically declared to be the Father of restored humanity. To the world He becomes the Second Adam. The first Adam, the qualified head or father of humanity, failed to give everlasting life because of his disobedience, by which he himself came under the sentence of death.

The Logos left the Heavenly glory, was made flesh and was crowned with glory and honor like the first man-that He might taste death for every man-that he might redeem the race from the sentence of death. In making satisfaction for sin He associates with Himself the Elect, who present their bodies living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God, as His members. Then in dealing with the world He will officially take the place of Life-Giver, or parent-to restore, to regenerate, to revive, to resurrect, to uplift, all the willing and obedient, during the thousand years of His Messianic Kingdom.

All obedient to Him will thus be enabled to regain all that was lost through the first father, Adam-human perfection in an earthly Paradise, with everlasting life and fellowship with God.


At the dawn of this thousand-year Day in which His Kingdom will accomplish the full rolling away of the Curse, how appropriate that this text should have our consideration Let us have in mind the fact that the Lord has specially declared that there will be signs by which His people may know that they are living in the time when they may expect speedily the fulfillment of the gracious promises of our God to the effect that He will, through Jesus 'Kingdom, wipe away all tears from all faces, bind up the broken hearts, liberate the captives of sin and deliver the captives from the tomb.

St. Paul refers to our text when discussing Messiah's Reign. (1 Cor. 15:28) Here he declares that Divine Power will put all things under Messiah, that He will reign gloriously and victoriously, and that at the close of His successful work He will deliver up the Kingdom of earth to the Father, restored to the original glory of manhood, with not a rebel to be found-because all the willfully wicked will be destroyed .

How beautiful, how complete and how logical are all of the Divine arrangements for the great work outlined in the Bible as the Divine Plan of the Ages! When all mankind shall come to see His Wisdom, Justice, Love and Power, many knees shall bow and many tongues confess to His glory and majesty. Surely the number destroyed in the Second Death will be proportionately small!

The present cross insures the crown.

Take up thy cross And follow Me!



This article was republished in Reprints R4777-R4778, March 1, 1911, entitled, "Too Much Money-Further Offerings Refused."

Volume 6, Number 5

Church collections are referred to as "pitifully small" in a statement issued by the American Red Cross, which gives the total of collections from churches thus far as only $5,661.

"A week has passed since 'Peace Sunday,'" the Red Cross statement says.

"Donations from the churches of all denominations and creeds in support of the urgent mission of mercy of the Red Cross among suffering hundreds of thousands amount to only $5,661. Special attention is called to this fact because it is feared the public at large believed there would be a generous response through the churches to the fund."


Father Alfani, director of the Florence Observatory, thinks the invention by the priest Domenico Argentieri of a system to receive wireless messages without the use of poles or batteries is scientifically sound.

After war was declared the Italian Government forced all private wireless stations, including that of the Florence Observatory, to discontinue. The next day Father Alfani got from Argentieri copies of of ficial wireless messages which had been intercepted without a wireless installation.

"There are many ways to do this," Father Alfani explained. "One of the simplest utilizes the very elemental expedient of sticking two steel needles into a potato." New York World


The Buffalo Enquirer asks: "What is the matter with the rising generations A few weeks ago, following the Rosenthal murder, Assistant District Attorney Frank Moss created a sensation by declaring that New York's most dangerous criminals are 'of the high school boy type.' A little later Bird S. Coler expressed the same idea in his book deploring the lack of moral training of the young.

"Now comes District Attorney Cropsey, of Kings County with the declaration: 'Over 33 per cent of the criminals of King's County who are convicted on the more serious charges are boys under 20 years of age. A few years ago the percentage reached only 25.' Recently, in Buffalo, two astonishing cases appeared. In one case three young boys of well-to-do parents were found to have been long engaged in systematic burglary. In the other case three boys of well-to-do parents were nabbed as they were beginning a similar course of crime. None of these boys was in need. All of them had good homes. All had been reared in better than ordinary environment.

"Something, plainly, is the matter with the rising generation. What is the explanation? Is there any better answer than that, with 'liberality' merging into laxity, fundamental morality is not ground into youthful minds as in more rigid days?" Press and Dakotan (S. D.) We would not wish to be understood as claiming that the Sunday Schools and Sunday School workers in any sense or degree favor or foster crime. Quite to the contrary. We note, however, that in proportion as Sunday Schools have become an institution of the past century, in that same proportion disobedience to parents and criminality amongst children have increased. It is surely proper to note these facts, whatever be their reason.

Is it not possible that the Sunday School has measurably caused parents to disregard their own responsibility in the moral training of their children "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord"? It is surely a fact that, since the institution of Sunday Schools, parents have hastened their children to these schools for semi-religious instruction for one hour a week, in exchange for the much larger and more direct instruction given in a previous day by parents to their own children.



That the old Egyptians did not spend all their spare time building pyramids and wrapping up mummies is borne out by the excavations on the site of the ancient city of Antinoe made by Prof. Thomas A. Whittemore of Tufts College.

A portion of his collection, just arrived, contains a scrubbing brush, a rag doll, a baby's sock and over a hundred pairs of shoes, socks, boots, sandals and other forms of footwear which show an almost incredible resemblance to present day styles. In the group is the first and oldest boot with eyelets ever discovered in Egypt. A party slipper is made of a fine grade of leather ornamented with gold, red and black thread. It has a very elaborately carved piece of leather on the instep. The scrubbing brush which was discovered had a wooden base and bristles on both sides.

Several dentists' instruments have been unearthed. Some are similar in shape to modern instruments. Some druggists' balances are of equal interest. Lamps were found with the wicks still in them, and near them were implements used in keeping them in condition. New York World


O faithful few, Who dare to hold God's Word and witness true, Whose clear-eyed faith transcends our evil time, And o'er the present wilderness of crime, Sees the calm future with its robes of green, Its fleece-flecked mountains, and soft streams between, Still keep the track which duty bids ye tread, Though worldly wisdom shake the cautious head.

No truth from heaven descends upon our sphere Without the greeting of the skeptic's sneer: Denied, and mocked at, till its blessings fall Common as dew and sunshine over all.


Professor Hall Says Christianity is Making No Progress

"What progress has Christianity made after nineteen centuries?" asked the theologian. "Would we dare to ask God to come down and accept New York, Boston, Chicago or San Francisco as a worthy product of our religion? Would we dare to present to him our record of 50,000 innocent girls a year dragged down to supply the demands of lust; would we dare present to him the statistics of our drink bill, and the money spent in dissipation and folly; would we dare excuse the graft of our railroads, the corruption of our politics, the greed of our industrial system? Would we dare to present Philadelphia to the Father this night and say, 'Here is our jewel; here is the product of nineteen centuries of Christianity; take it into Thy bosom ?'" When China calls to the world, 'Oh, Christian people, pray for us, 'can we reply, 'China, we are a Christian people; just do as we do? ' " Philadelphia Ledger

In the Sicilian village of Maletto, a merchant, before buying, consulted the priest, who dissuaded him, saying, "The reading of the Bible is prohibited." The merchant was about to hand the book back to the colporteur, when his student son reminded him that he had paid a sum of 4.35 lira for a permit from the Pope to read any book whatever. [Colporteur Greco saw the curious document with his own eyes.] The merchant said that his son was quite right, and thereupon bought the Bible. Other people were present, longing to buy, but they had not paid for such permits. Exchange

YET nerve thy spirit to the proof,
And blanch not at thy chosen lot.
The timid good may stand aloof,
The sage may frown-yet faint thou not.
Nor heed the shaft so surely cast
The foul and hissing bolt of scorn;
For with thy side shall dwell at last
The victory of endurance born.



Pastor Russell Declares Present War will Eventuate in No Marked Victory for Either Side-then "Armageddon" Prayers Cannot Change the Divine Plan of the Ages

We consider the recent sermon of Pastor Russell on the above topic most remarkable and timely, and are publishing a synoptical review of it, as reported by the various metropolitan newspapers. Interesting editorial comments upon it have appeared in the leading dailies throughout the country. His discourse was based on the text, "Upon the earth distress of nations with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; men's hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things that are coming upon the earth." (Luke 21:25,26)

He said: Our honorable President with praiseworthy intent has requested all Christian people to make this a day of prayer for peace in Europe. I have been asked to sermonize accordingly. However, I cannot concur with our worthy President in this matter. Much as I appreciate peace-and I have all my life labored to be a peacemaker-I cannot pray the Almighty to change His plans to conform to those of our honored President.

For 2,500 years God, through the Bible Prophets, has been telling His people about this great war and concerning the more terrible Armageddon which will follow it; and can we expect Him to reverse the programme at our behest?

The prayers of these millions praying for the prosperity of the Germans and the extermination of the Allies, and the prayers of other millions for the success of the Allies and the annihilation of the Germans, and the prayers of the Pope and of our President and other good people that this awful war shall promptly cease will all go unanswered, if I read my Bible aright. The war will proceed and will eventuate in no glorious victory for any nation, but in the horrible mutilation and impoverishment of all. Next will follow the Armageddon of anarchy.

After that, peace, lasting peace, may be hoped for, because God has declared ill It will be brought in by Messiah's Kingdom, for which so long we have prayed- "Thy Kingdom Comel" For forty years I have been proclaiming this very war and its glorious outcome by sermons, oral and printed, and in my books on Bible study in twenty languages.

Now, when the very year has come and the prophecy is being fulfilled, could I consistently ask the Almighty to change His programme? Nay! Rather my discourse will be, as announced, from the Master's words respecting the present "distress of nations with perplexity; men's hearts failing them for fear of those things about to come on the earth."


Doubtless many will be shocked with my declaration that this war and the resulting greater calamity are of Divine permission and arrangement, clearly prophesied in Scripture. The gathering of the nations to the present struggle is referred to in the prophecy of Joel, where the weak nations are called upon to assert their strength and where all of them are commanded to go down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat-the Valley of Graves-the cemetery outside of the city of Jerusalem being used by the Prophet in illustation of the terrible slaughter now going on.

Surely this war has brought more to the grave than has any previous war; and it is only beginning. For years the nations, in harmony with Joel's prophecy, have been "beating their plowshares into swords, and their pruning-hooks into spears," in the sense that they have been spending for military purposes money which should properly have been spent in agricultural implements and developments.

Apparently all the nations will not be involved. Happy would it be if our own land shall escaper Our President and our Secretary of State are men of peace, and will surely do all in their power to avoid complications and war itself. Nevertheless, the great nations of Europe, realizing how much they will be weakened by this war, will do all in their power to ensnare these United States, lest at the conclusion of the war we should tower above the others financially and otherwise. [HG675]


Only as we look at the Divine Plan as a whole can we understand God's relationship with this bloody war-and with all war. To the majority it is confusing to think that God would bring about any war. There is surely something wrong or there would not be such perplexity, for the Lord tells His people concerning this time of trouble that they "need not be in darkness that that day should overtake them unawares." God's people should have general information regarding His plans and arrangements.

Many have seen only small portions of the Divine Plan, and so have failed to grasp the great lengths, breadths, heights and depths of God's great purpose. But whoever has an understanding of the great Plan of God will ever after be able rightly to appreciate and to locate not only the events of today, but also everything that is coming; for the Bible outlines the history of man.

The Scriptures clearly teach that our earth is the only rebellious province in all God's fair creation. In this little planet God has permitted sin to take its course to bud, to blossom, to bring forth its fruitage-that both men and angels may see the dire results of opposition to the Divine Government.

The Bible tells us how this world became rebellious. It tells us that God did not create mankind imperfect, as we are today. Man was created perfect, an earthly being in the image of his Heavenly Creator, in the sense of having a moral character, but limited to earthly conditions. This perfect man was placed in a perfect home, in every way adapted to his needs. This Eden was especially prepared for him and he was to enjoy it. He was the king of the whole earth; and therefore his Creator instructed him that as his family increased he was to subdue the earth and develop it. Had mankind remained in harmony with God, the whole world would have become as Eden.

God foreknow just what would occur, however. He foreknow Adam's sin and fall, as well as the mental, moral and physical degeneracy which would result from the disobedience of our first parents. He foreknow our weakness and imperfection, our attempts at moral, religious and mental reform and at mental and physical health. Yet He permitted all this to come to pass. Sin entered the world, and has continued to rest upon the human family for six thousand years.

God's penalty upon man is death, and it matters not whether that death comes through war or pestilence or famine or by slower processes. Meantime, God would use all of man's experiences of the past six thousand years as a great lesson on the exceeding sinfulness of sin and on the utter hopelessness of any other help than that which God Himself has provided.

From the creation of Adam until now has been a period of six thousand year-days-man's work week-during which he has been permitted to try everything he could imagine for his own relief from sin and its penalty of death.

So far from gaining life everlasting for our race, all our efforts have accomplished nothing. Our most learned physicians and specialists declare that the world is on the verge of collapse, and that at the present rate of increase there would not, in one hundred and sixty years, be enough sane people in the world to care for the insane. They tell us that various diseases are increasing so rapidly as to endanger the race in a very short time; and that this is so notwithstanding the fact that sanitary conditions are made necessary, even to the extent of individual drinking cups.

Our only hope lies in the great Seventh Day, the antitypical Sabbath. In it Messiah. associating with Himself the saintly ones of this Gospel Age, will set up the Divine Kingdom amongst men-a spiritual Kingdom, not an earthly one, but ruling amongst mankind, blessing and uplifting them. For a thousand years the work of uplift will progress until all the willing and obedient will have attained again the lost likeness of their creator; and the whole earth will be their Paradise.


Amongst other lessons which God has been teaching mankind is the fact that they are incapable of establishing a government such as is necessary for the real blessing and uplift of the race. God appointed Israel after the flesh to be His typical Kingdom for a time, and selected King David and his posterity to be rulers. By and by He cut these off, discontinuing the earthly typical Kingdom.

The last monarch of David's line was King Zedekiah, of whom we read: "O thou profane and wicked Prince, whose time has come that iniquity shall have an end. Remove the diadem, take off the crown, I will overturn, overturn, overturn it until He comes whose right it is, and I will give it to Him." (Eze. 21:25-27) Messiah is the One whose right it is-Jesus the Head, the Church His Body-on the spirit plane.

Certain Scriptures indicate that the period during which God's Kingdom would be removed would be seven prophetic Times, each 360 years long. Seven Times would therefore equal 2,520 years. Reckoned from the time of King Zedekiah, that period ends this year; for, according to the Scriptures, King Zedekiah's crown was taken away in 606 B. C. If so, with the close of the present year Messiah should take to Himself His [HG676] great power and begin His glorious Reign of a thousand years, the beginning of which, according to the Bible, will be a very dark hour, "a Time of Trouble such as was not since there was a nation," "no, nor ever shall be" the like again. Dan. 12:1; Matt. 24:2 1 When God removed His Typical Kingdom, 606 B. C., He gave to the Gentiles authority or permission to do their best in governing the world and bringing in righteousness and happiness. That we might know all this, He gave a dream to Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, and sent the interpretation of that dream through the Prophet Daniel. The dream showed a great image, whose head was of gold, representing Babylon; its breast and arms of silver, representing the succeeding government of the Medes and Persians; the belly of brass, representing the Grecian Empire, which followed the Medo-Persian, and its legs of iron, representing Rome, the government of the Caesars. Each of these governments has had universal sway, each has shown the best it could do for humanity, and each has failed.

Next came the feet of the image, which were of iron smeared with clay, thus made to resemble stone feet. These iron feet represented the Holy Roman Empire, which was really a part of the Roman Empire, and the divisions of which are at war with each other today. The dream and its interpretation showed that a stone cut without hands struck the image in its feet, ground them to powder and utterly destroyed the entire image. This stone represented the Messiah's Kingdom, which will ultimately fill the whole earth, according to this prophecy.

The clay smeared on the iron feet, making them look like stone, represents the fact that the present Roman governments of Europe claim to be Christ's Kingdom.

On their coins, and otherwise, they claim to represent God. They have been deceived into thinking and speaking of themselves as Christendom, which signifies Christ's Kingdom. In reality they are the last representatives of Gentile power- "kingdoms of this world" the toes of the image of Gentile supremacy of which King Nebuchadnezzar dreamed.

The present war will weaken the nations, draining not only their life blood, but also their wealth; and it will demonstrate the inefficiency of all Gentile kingdoms to bring to the world peace, righteousness, satisfactory government. But Messiah's Kingdom, which will then be inaugurated, will be "the desire of all nations."


This war, and the anarchy of Armageddon, which will follow it, will prove conclusively the need of Divine interposition in human affairs. As Jesus said, speaking of the present trouble and the resulting anarchy, "Unless those days shall be shortened, there would be no flesh saved." So virulent, so selfish would that strife be that our civilization would perish did not God through Messiah's Kingdom, the Elect, intervene to bring order out of chaos.

Doubtless earth's great rulers have done the best they knew how to do for their peoples. Some of our very best laws came from Julius Caesar, in combination with the Mosaic code. Some of the world's rulers today are also doing their best; but they are confused. Having a false idea of what constitutes Christ's Kingdom, they seem to think it their mission to conquer the world. They also believe that they foresee a general uprising of Socialism, and their hearts are failing them, fearing the things coming upon the earth.

While they knew that this would be the worst war ever known, yet they preferred it to that which they were striving to ward off and which they have succeeded in keeping off for the present. But they have lost their best blood, their best energy, their money, commerce, etc.; and when the war is ended, these nations, sorrowful and famine-stricken, will be greatly angered at their rulers. Then will come the determination for something like Socialism. This the governments will endeavor to put down, and to some extent they will succeed. Then will follow the great explosion-the Armageddon of the Scriptures. Then will be the Time of Trouble, immediately preceding the Messianic Kingdom, which will inaugurate the long-promised Peace on Earth.

It may be little we can do To help another, it is true; But better is a little spark Of kindness, when the way is dark, Than one should walk in paths forbidden For lack of light we might have given.

It may be little we can do
To help another, it is true;
But better is a little spark
Of kindness, when the way is dark,
Than one should walk in paths forbidden
For lack of light we might have given.



This article can be found in its entirety in the Newspaper Sermons, entitled, "Why God's Wrath Upon the Nations."

Sequential to His wonderful discourse on "Distress of Nations" Pastor Russell addressed an overflowing house the following week on "Why God's Wrath upon the Nations." His address inquired into the reason why in God's providence the world is being ushered into "a time of trouble, such as was not since there was a nation." What special sins call upon Justice for extraordinary penalty? The Pastor's text was, "And the nations were angry, and Thy wrath is come." Rev. 11:18


This article was republished in Reprints R5295-R5296, August 15, 1913, entailed, "Fear is a Cause of Great Nervous Tension."


This article was republished in Reprints R5543-R5544, September 15, 1914, entitled, "Interesting Letters."


This article is the same material as Bible Students Monthly, Volume 5, No. 1, entitled, "Prayers for Kings and Governments."

"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." Psa. 119:105.

"God wishes those who are awake to be learning more and more of His plan. These will grow in grace and in knowledge as they watch. They will not be like the world. The world will be in a stupor-they will be unworthy of the day. Darkness covers the whole earth at the present time. But God's people are granted a special light. They love the light. 'Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. 'It is not a light like that of the moon, which reaches far out, but merely a little light at the feet of those who are watching for it. Those who are going to sleep will find their light going out." R5256, c.2.n.5.


Volume 6 Number 6

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When my soul is faint and thirsty, 'Neath the shadow of His wing There is cool and pleasant shelter, And a fresh and crystal spring.

And my Savior rests beside me, As we hold communion sweet; If I tried, I could not utter What He says, when thus we meet.


Volume 6, Number 7

"Failure of the churches and synagogues to maintain leadership over the people was the cause of the present war," said Rabbi Stephen S. Wise at the Free Synagogue in Carnegie Hall yesterday.

Rabbi Wise characterized the present attitude of the churches as "feeble, faltering, halting and timid." He said the State has conquered the church and that the latter has become a follower instead of a leader of public opinion.

"They have enthroned a war devil," he said, "in the place of God. The churches do not take themselves seriously. They are satisfied to be a mere item of the social organization and to defend their countries and rulers-just or unjust. The church is muzzled and throttled into submission. It is like a dumb dog, old and toothless, that can no longer bite.

"Many of us expected the Socialist power to avert such a war as this, and were bitterly disappointed in the Socialists of Europe when they failed to do so. But we never looked to the churches, mosques and synagogues to prevent war. None of us expected such a thing from them, and we know what would happen to any leader of the Church of England who would dare raise his voice against his country's part in the present strife.

"Franz Josef goes through the empty form of washing the feet of a dozen pilgrims every Easter and the church is satisfied with him. The Czar is the head of his church on Sunday and the head of his army during the week.

"And when the nations were preparing for this war they never consulted the churches because they knew that just as they relied upon their ambulance corps and their commissaries they could rely upon the churches to uphold them.

"It would be better for missionaries to teach Christianity at home first."

The rabbi concluded: "Our souls are wounded when we read of the destruction of cathedrals at Rheims and elsewhere, yet these cathedrals were destroyed long ago and it is only their outer walls that have now fallen.

"War gods, money gods and power gods have been destroying these edifices century after century." New York American


Col. George W. Goethals, Governor of the Panama Canal Zone, in his 1914 report, made public by Secretary Garrison, tells of the battle against earth slides along the canal.

Describing the demolition of Gamboa Dike as one of the final steps in the canal work, the report says: "With the exception of a small pocket slide in the vicinity of Cascades, the admission of water to the cut has thus far had no bad effects, nor has there been any perceptible tendency for the presence of water to produce slides."

The canal's giant locks and dams staunchly withstood the earthquake shocks, which were more violent and numerous during the year than at any time since American occupation. Eighty-seven distinct shocks were recorded at Ancon.

"Practically all the shocks," the report says, "seemed to originate in the vicinity of the lower coast of Los Santos Province, approximately 115 miles southwest of Ancon. The most violent shocks occurred Oct. 2, 1913, and May 28, 1914.

"The shock of May 28 resulted in slight damage to the new administration building, then in course of erection at Balboa Heights, but with this exception the canal works suffered no damage from these shocks." New York Times


At the national convention of Presbyterians in Philadelphia the Rev. Dr. William Fulton reported that during the past five years a quarter of a million members of the church had been placed on the "suspended roll," meaning that the number mentioned had been dropped out of the church. Dr. Fulton expressed it in not very elegant language by saying that they had been relegated to the [HG680] "ecclesiastical scrap heap." He said this falling off in membership is due to the "growing love of pleasure and the craze for amusements and the modern view of life." Wherein Dr. Fulton is entirely wrong. The Presbyterian Church believes in the doctrine of foreordination. In other words, its members think that when all things were created it was provided that so many persons should be born into the world and that their doom or salvation was settled from the start. No matter how good a man is, no matter what he does for the uplifting of mankind, he has only an even chance of getting into Heaven. Of course all of the Presbyterians doubtless thought they were among the elect and that probably members of all other churches were headed for eternal torment. But the Presbyterian was convinced that you could not help yourself into Heaven no matter what you did.

Even infant damnation was-and is-one of the beliefs of this church. No wonder in this enlightened age the Presbyterian church is losing at the rate of 50,000 members a year. It is not worldly pleasures that are driving folk out of this church-it is common sense. N. Y. Telegram


Probably never before since the beginning of the manufacture of spirituous liquors have armies been so temperate. Strange to say, the Czar of Russia has gone farther than any other ruler in eliminating liquor. The sale has been stopped throughout the empire. The first acts of Russia in East Prussia, after its entrance by Russian armies, was to close all the liquor places. Great Britian has eliminated liquor, and Kitchener gave notice that no gifts of liquor to of firers or soldiers would be forwarded. There is no alcohol included in the French scheme of rations. Doubtless there is more or less drinking, but it is everywhere discouraged among the three allied armies where it is not fully suppressed. Christian Leader


With a fight well under way to aid the poor of New York in the purchase of food, cheaply, through the agency of city markets, another equally if not more important project is to be laid before Mayor Mitchell It has been inspired by City Chamberlain Bruere. It is on behalf of the very poor of the city. It is aimed to keep a roof over their heads through the coming winter.

It has been conceived in a realization by important city officials of the appalling character of the eviction statistics of New York in the last year and a half-33,000 eviction cases in 1913, nearly 50,000 eviction cases in the first six months of 1914. In 1913, 882 families and all their belongings were thrown into the streets.

The plan, which in the next few days will be placed before Mayor Mitchel, will be a request that he appoint a Tenants and Landlords' Commission, whose efforts shall be to prevent affairs between landlords and tenants reaching crises causing evictions-a permanent commission, which, it is hoped, may obliterate in New York the all too common, piteous spectacle of the ousted family huddling over its scant belongings mounded on a street curb. New York World

The telegraph lines now in use are sufficient to girdle the earth 138 times. They would reach to the moon 16 times. The total number of offices is 130,000, which send out annually 30,000,000 dispatches. The English lead in its use, each hundred persons averaging 195 messages a year. France follows with 152, Denmark with 118, Belgium with 114 and Germany with 91 messages.


Stocks and Bonds Depreciated Because Silver was thrown "into the street "

Recently Pastor Russell delivered a discourse from Heb. 12:27, applying it to our day, declaring now in progress the removing of all things shakable-ecclesiastical and earthly. The sermon was reported by many hundreds of newspapers throughout the United States, Canada and Great Britian. It proved to furnish [HG681] the ground for much discussion and comment, and taken the time to answer the question, which we here someone has anxiously inquired as to what financial report in full, as it is of peculiar interest. The response shakings are to be expected. The Pastor has kindly follows.

This article can be found in its entirety in Newspaper Sermons, entitled, "Great White Throne and It's Blessings."


"Take unto you the whole armor of God that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day." Eph. 6:13


All of the Apostles pointed forward to our day-to the conclusion of the present Age and inauguration of the New Kingdom. With one voice they all tell us thee this Age is the one in which evil, as personified in Satan, "the prince of this world," prevails, and in which the Lord's Cause and His people are more or less set at naught. They all tell us that the inauguration of Messiah's Kingdom signifies a momentous change in respect to these matters. "In His day the righteous shall flourish and the evildoers shall be cut off." God wisely and kindly veiled their eyes in respect to the length of time before the Reign of Righteousness would begin. Hence the Apostles all speak of the New Dispensation as imminent-not, however, declaring it to be expected in their day; rather, they expected to fall asleep in death, but with the assurance that with the dawning of the New Dispensation they would share in "His Resurrection"-Christ's resurrection-the resurrection to glory, honor and immortality on the spirit plane.

Our text is one of these prophecies respecting the future-picturing the inauguration of Messiah's Kingdom. Like all other Scriptures bearing on this subject, it implies that the transition from the Reign of Sin to the Reign of Righteousness, from the dominion of Satan to the Dominion of Christ, will be a great Time of Trouble, because Satan and his deluded subjects will not quickly and meekly renounce their claims to earthly dominion and submit themselves loyally to the King of kings and Lord of lords. This will necessitate the breaking in pieces of these systems-their subjugation.

As we have already pointed out, this breaking and shaking and trouble are coming from every quarter and are described in the Scriptures as a great whirlwind raised up from every quarter of the earth Other Scriptures have told us about the trouble upon the nations, picturing to us the winds of war, to be followed by the earthquake of Socialism, and that to be followed by the fire of anarchy. Still other Scriptures have shown us the conflict between the people in general and the princes of the world-merchant princes, manufacturing princes, religious and political princes and kings-showing us that eventually there will be two great divisions in the conflict, and that the whole earth will be terribly devastated by the ensuing anarchy.


Our text refers to the present time as an evil day upon religious people-a day of trial, of danger, of victory for the few, of disaster for the many professing the name of Christ. It may surprise some when we assert that we, the Church, have already been in this evil day referred to in our text for some years, and that it still continues and will merge into the evil day upon the world. This means that the evil day upon the Church began before the evil day upon the nations. This is in full accord with the Scriptures which declare "Judgment must begin at the House of God"-the Church. 1 Pet. 4:17

For nearly forty years the Church has been undergoing severe trials and testings along the very lines indicated by the Apostle in our context, and in various other descriptions of this time furnished us in the New Testament. During this period Theosophy, Christian Science, Spiritism, Higher Criticism, Evolutionism and various other confusing teachings have come forward. Each contains fragments of truth and masses of error. From the Scriptural standpoint they are brought forward at the present time by the Adversary, Satan, with a view to confusing the people and leading them away from the Truth.

Satan is represented as being especially active at this time, for the reason that this is the time when special light upon the Divine Character and Plan are due to [HG682] come to the Church. Seeing that the people are awakening to more intelligent thought on religious subjects, the Adversary brings forth a host of philosophies to entangle, to mislead, putting darkness in the guise of light, and endeavoring to make the light of the dawning New Day appear as darkness. This the Apostle refers to in the context (v. 12): "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, and against wicked spirits in high positions."

These wicked spirits, we understand the Scriptures to teach, are the fallen angels, called demons throughout the New Testament. Under the captaincy of Satan they have not ceased their warfare against the Lamb and those who follow Him; nor will they cease until, in the due time, Immanuel shall bind that old Serpent and restrain all his evil influences, to the intent that the world may be no longer deceived. Rev. 20:1-3

During this evil day the truthfulness of the Apostle's word has been demonstrated that the people of God require the whole armor of God that they may be able to withstand these seductive and evil influences. Only thus guided with the Truth, protected with the breastplate of righteousness, shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace, armed with the shield of faith and intellectually with the helmet of salvation and the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God-only these have been able to stand, and to help others to stand, in a time when thousands have been falling into errors, into unbelief-some being turned aside from the simplicity of the Gospel Message of the Redemption through the death of Christ, and others having their faith entirely shipwrecked.

We might say that the evil day is reaching its climax and changing its form. The errors themselves have lost their charm and are proving more and more unsatisfactory to those who have been deceived by them. Now, in the great Time of overwhelming Trouble the deceived ones are beginning to feel their loss-their loss of faith in the Bible, their loss of faith in everything-some even realizing that they are godless "without God and having no hope in the world." It is a pitiable condition. Would that I could speak the word which would assist these and guide them to a right understanding of the Bible and true faith in God, based upon a reasonable and Scriptural understanding of the Divine character and Plant What a sad spectacle presents itself on every hand, and how perplexed the world in general is with what we see, and how few have any knowledge or any word of real comfort or encouragement to offer! For forty years the world has been crying, Peace! Peace! For forty years two hundred thousand professed representatives of Christ have been telling the world that Christ has been reigning and conquering the earth, and that soon every knee will bow to Him-perhaps deceiving themselves on the subject, while others are being deceived. Now, as the grand climax of all this misrepresentation of God's real character and Plan and Kingdom, the war is thundering, the world is in amazement, and new armies and new battlefields are continually being formed-a great conflagration in Europe, as the newspapers declare, a beginning of a corroboration of St. Peter's declaration that the social earth is to be consumed.


Of the two hundred thousand professed ministers of Christ, probably one hundred and eighty thousand declare privately, if not publicly, that they have no faith in the Bible as God's inspired Message to His people. The other twenty thousand are sadly confused, while still clinging to the Bible as the Divine Word. The truth with all these ministers is that they have been giving heed to the creeds and traditions of men formulated in the Dark Ages, and have been neglecting their study of the Bible. They have failed to heed the words of our text; hence they are not standing well in the present time. Those who have rejected the Bible (nine-tenths of the whole) have already fallen most abjectly, while the tenth that are still standing are so shaken, confused, unreliable, as to be able to do little for themselves or for their flocks.

If such conditions prevail amongst the ministers, what might we expect of the Christian people who pay them for instruction, who have been overcharged in business and pleasure and are now, like their leaders, falling into the ditch of unbelief, uncertainty, perplexity? It is a sad spectacle. Only comparatively few of God's people have followed the Apostle's advice, have put on the whole armor of God and are able to stand firmly, strongly, confidently, intelligently, equipped with the helmet, the breastplate, the shield, the sword and the sandals of Divine Truth.


In accord with the Lord's Word, we are seeking to sound an alarm, not for the benefit of those who have fallen, but in the interest of those who are trembling and in danger of falling. The Divine provision for our day is so wonderful that even "babes in Christ," starved for the milk of the Word, may quickly appropriate strong and nourishing food, and become clear in the knowledge of God and in the proper understanding of the Bible, thus being enabled to rejoice in this evil day and to assist others. [HG683] So wonderful is the Divine provision of Truth that those without the helmet protecting their intellects from the various conflicting theories and creeds may be supplied and assisted in putting on the helmet of salvation-an intellectual appreciation of the Divine things. So abundant is the Divine arrangement that the breastplate of righteousness-the fundamental truths respecting Divine Justice, Wisdom, Love and Power, covering and protecting the heart and the vitals-may be quickly adjusted by those who are sufficiently awake and desirous of putting on the breastplate of righteousness. So abundant are the Divine provisions for the willing and obedient that they may quickly put on the sandals of preparation provided in the Lord's Word, which will enable the n to triumph over the adverse conditions of the present life with speed and comfort.

Today, as never before, the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, is sharp; and today, as never before, the people of God may quickly learn how to use this weapon as against every form of ignorance, superstition and Satanic opposition.

Equipped with all these, and with the knowledge of the fulfillment of the Scriptural prophecies, the man of God, thoroughly furnished, may have a great shield of faith sufficient to cover every other circumstance or condition that may arise. We urge, then, that the people of God everywhere begin afresh a study of the Divine Word, not through their old spectacles, which have confused and bewildered them in the past and in the present, but, allowing the Bible to interpret itself, and with the assistance which God has been providing for His people during these forty years, equip themselves not only to be strong for the present, but also for the coming days. For if we read the Bible aright, the terrible collapse of Churchianity and imitation kingdoms of God's dear Son will soon be upon us. That will be an awful time for the world in general, but the perplexities and troubles of that day will be intensified in the case of those who have been professedly God's people, yet stupidly blind in respect to the teachings of God's Word.


This article can be found in its entirety in Newspaper Sermons, entitled, "Give Thanks For War or For Peace."


This article can be found in its entirety in the Newspaper Sermons, entitled, "Great White Throne and It's Blessings."


The Church's Judgment Day ! The World 's Judgment Day Israel's Judgment Day ! When and Why God "Winked" at Sin "All His Ways are Perfect" ! The Harmonious Outcome

"The times of this Ignorance God winked at: but now God hath appointed a day in which He will judge the world In righteousness by that man whom He hath ordained." Acts 17:30, 31

The Judgment Day, once dreaded by all classes, has come to have a new meaning when studied in the light of the Bible alone-our confusing creeds of the Dark Ages being set aside. During the long period of time [HG684] from the Deluge to the First Advent of our Redeemer, the world of mankind lay in ignorance, weakness and vice; but, as our text declares, God took no notice of it as a whole. He gave His entire attention to the little nation of Israel, with whom he made a special Law Covenant. Israel entered upon a great schooling period; first, in a condition of peonage in Egypt; then, under the command of Moses, passing from Egypt to Canaan, with a wandering of forty years in the wilderness; and later, under judges, kings, etc., in the Promised Land.

God did not overlook a sin amongst the Israelites, whom He had adopted as His peculiar people under the Law Covenant mediated by Moses. We read that "every disobedience received a just recompense of reward." (Heb. 2:2) Stripes, punishments, captivities, under Divine supervision and predicted by the Prophets, were the portion of Israel. Obedience on their part brought blessing, but disobedience and idolatry brought chastisements-God winked at nothing respecting His chosen people, the nation of Israel.

At first glance this is perplexing. Those not understanding the Divine Plan would be inclined to expect the favored nation to be excused more than others, that Israel would be the people whose imperfections would be winked at. But not so; Israel was chosen for a purpose, and in order to prepare them for their mission, the Lord chastened and scourged them for their sins. Thus He educated them and assisted them out of degradation more than others. As a result, when our Lord came into the world to be man's Redeemer, Israel, under the chastising, scourging and instructing experiences of many centuries, was by far the most advanced nation in the world along religious lines.

Thus it was that when the Redeemer presented Himself, a remnant of the Jews were "Israelites indeed, " and ready to receive Him-five hundred during His earthly ministry and several thousand more at the following Pentecostal season. It is but reasonable to suppose that no other nation in the world would have furnished any such numbers ready of heart for Messiah and fully consecrated to Him. Note, for instance, that St. Paul's preaching to the Athenians on Mars Hill apparently touched not even one heart or head.


As God "winked" at the sins of the world aside from His covenanted nation, Israel, so He has continued to wink at, to ignore the sins of the heathen world since. St. Paul says, "He now commandeth all men everywhere to repent," but only those who hear the command have a responsibility respecting it. The heathen masses have never heard the Divine Message offering life everlasting through Christ. God's attitude toward them would therefore properly be the same as it was toward the Gentiles during the Jewish Age. The responsibility for right-doing in this Gospel Age rests with those upon whom the light of Truth has shined. In an especial sense the illuminated ones, the enlightened ones, are the Church alone.

Only God's consecrated people receive the begetting of the Holy Spirit, its anointing, the opening of their eyes of understanding. And with these the measure of their enlightenment varies; and those who see little have less responsibility than those who see much. Thus seen' God's dealings during this Christian Age are merely with the Church, the saints of God, the consecrated, and not with the heathen.

But a large class of Gentiles, styling themselves Christendom, have been so much in contact with the light of Divine Truth as to have a weighty responsibility upon them. It is upon this class that heavy judgments are about to fall in the close of this Age. They have heard the Message of God's mercy toward mankind through Christ, and of their privilege of repenting and coming into Covenant relationship with God. They have hypocritically pretended to make a covenant with the Lord, pretended to be His people, while "their hearts were far from Him." Their punishment will be greater because of their hypocrisy-because they have foolishly thought that they could deceive the Almighty. They will learn that He will not be mocked. Nevertheless, the rod of chastisement upon them will be with a view to their recovery and not for their destruction-much less their eternal torture. Only the incorrigible at any time are to die the Second Death.


The Apostle declared that "God has appointed a Day (a future Epoch) in which He will judge the world." There was no intimation by the Apostle that the world's Judgment Day had begun. Everything in his language indicated that it would be future. Elsewhere we are told that when the world will be on judgment, on trial, for life or death everlasting, the Church glorified will be the judges. (Matt. 19:28; 1 Cor. 6:2) This means that when the Church, now on trial, shall have been completed, shall have passed through the resurrection change into glory and become associated with the Redeemer in His Kingdom-then the world will have its Judgment Day, or trial. That period, also styled "the Day of Christ," is Scripturally declared to be a thousand years long. [HG685] During this time Messiah and His Church will judge the world-giving all a test, to demonstrate their worthiness or unworthiness of everlasting life.

The opportunity then to be given the world will be a grand one. The Scriptures declare that the Lord's judgment will be a righteous one, in which the poor world, born in sin and depravity as children of Adam, will have fullest opportunity of getting rid of their ignorance and superstition, and their weaknesses, mental, moral and physical. Every preparation is beingmade for that great judgment of the world. The Scriptures declare that during that time "The knowledge of God's glory will fill the whole earth." No longer will the Divine character be aspersed with slanderous teachings, making Him out viler than any of His creatures. Not only will all possible good influences surround humanity during their thousand year Day of Judgment, but every evil influence will be bound, restrained; "Satan shall be bound for a thousand years that he may deceive the people no more until the thousand years be finished."

How different this Biblical and reasonable view of the great Judgment Day from the one given us in childhood from the creeds of the Dark Ages! That view taught us that the Judgment Day would be twenty-four hours, and that then all the dead would come from Heaven and Hell and Purgatory, to see if mistakes had been made, and since no mistakes could be made by God, they would all go back to the same condition. How foolish we were that such a proposition should every have appealed to us as reasonable or Godlike! Why did we not think to inquire what the Bible had to say respecting the Judgment Day? Why did we not sooner learn the beauties of the Divine arrangement? The answer is that we were thoroughly blinded by the false teachings commingled with the truths we learned in childhood. But God s time for helping us out of the darkness into the clearer light, has come within the last forty years, even as for good reasons He has kept hidden until this same time the wonderful knowledge of our day on other lines-knowledge which is proving a blessing to the full degree only to those whose hearts are right with God; but to others is proving a curse and hastening the whole world toward the chasm of Anarchy.


St. Paul declares that this righteous judgment of the world that will come in the Day of Christ-the Millennial Day-will be under the supervision of Christ-Messiah.

The same Apostle elsewhere tells us that The Christ is made up of many members-the saintly Church gathered out of all denominations, with Jesus as their Head. These figuratively constitute the one New Man, made up from both Jews and Gentiles. Jesus is the Second Adam. During the thousand years of His Reign He will deal with all the human family, the children of the first Adam, whom He redeemed by the sacrifice of Himself. He will grant them all a full opportunity to be raised up out of sin and death to perfection, to the likeness of God in which the first Adam was created. To all such he will be the Life-Giver, the Savior, the Deliverer from the power of sin and death. The basis of all this judgment of the world was laid at Calvary. The more than eighteen centuries since have been wed in judging, trying, testing, a faithful handful, a "little flock," from both Jews and Gentiles, responsive to the Lord's Message of mercy, and willing, yea, anxious, to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

This judgment opportunity will not be merely for those living at the time the Church will be glorified at the Lord's Second Advent and the establishment of His Kingdom. These are to have the first blessing of knowledge and opportunity under the Kingdom, that a start may be made in the way of righteousness. These, enlightened and convinced respecting the undesirability of sin, the desirability of righteousness and the glorious provision of Messiah's Kingdom, will make a good start before the sleeping millions of the human family will begin to be awakened in harmony with the promise, "There shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and the unjust;" in harmony also with the Master's words, "All that are in their graves shall hear the voice of the Son of God, and shall come forth." Acts 24:15; John 5:28, 29

We thank God for the wideness of His mercy, "like the wideness of the sea"-that the Divine Plan is no respecter of persons, that every member of the race, condemned through Father Adam's disobedience, redeemed from that condemnation by the death of Jesus, shall have a full opportunity of coming to a knowledge of the facts and of using that knowledge for his own recovery from sin, sickness, sorrow, pain and death-the ultimate attainment of human perfection and everlasting life.

The Divine Law will be the same in the Future as now. God never changes, and His Law will never change. But the way to everlasting life will be easier than now. No longer will it be a narrow or difficult way; no longer will it call for the sacrifice of every earthly right and interest in order to attain eternal life. No longer will the Adversary place darkness before the minds of men as light, and cause light to appear to be darkness; for his power will be restrained. No longer will it be true that "all who live godly shall suffer persecution." But on the contrary, those living godly will receive more and more of God's blessing; and [HG686] instead of faithfulness leading to death, it will lead upward and onward to human perfection and everlasting life under the blessed conditions of the Kingdom which God has prepared for the whole world.


The way for the Church in the present time is narrow, difficult, because evil is dominant now. The Lord makes use of this opportunity of evil's dominance to issue His Call for soldiers of the Cross in order that the conflict between the evil and the good may serve to prove and to test the faithfulness and loyalty of those whom He has called to so high a station. And since the trials are more difficult, it does not surprise us that the reward is greater. The earthly reward for the world, as we have seen, will be everlasting life as human beings, in Paradise restored, on God's footstool made glorious. But the reward of the Church, if faithful, will be a change of nature from human to Divine, and a share with the Redeemer, Messiah, in His glory, honor and immortality.

NO RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION Editor Answers Ministerial Association

"Then came the priests and rulers of the temple, teeing grieved that the people were taught."-Acts 4:2

The Rev. George A. Cooke, pastor of Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church, came to the Evening Journal office yesterday as the bearer of resolutions adopted by the Ministerial Union of this city at its meeting on Monday. The germ of the resolutions was that the Evening Journal should cease publishing each week Pastor Russell's exposition of the Sunday school lesson because the members of the Ministerial Union do not agree with Pastor Russell's religious teachings and practices.

Our reply to Mr. Cooke was that the columns of the Evening Journal are now, and always have been, wide open to men and women of all forms of religious belief and that there will be no departure from that policy. We shall continue to handle and to print, with absolute impartiality and fairness, sermons, lectures and news from all religious sources. We hope the time never will come when any Jew or Gentile, Catholic or Protestant, Episcopalian or Presbyterian, Methodist or Baptist, Unitarian or Swedenborgian, Friend or Lutheran, New Churchman or Old Churchman, Adventist or Christian Scientist, Salvation Army soldier or American Volunteer may truthfully say that, because of religious prejudice, the Evening Journal has closed its columns against him and his religious views.

In the handling of religous news we know no creed and no denomination; nor do we purpose knowing any. As men and women of all shades of religious belief read our paper, and as scores of Pastor Russell's followers are among them, it would be manifestly unfair to bar from our columns matters of interest to any religionist, no matter what he may believe.

Nor is it our purpose to discuss or to seek to reconcile conflicts of religious belief which exist in our community. Our purpose is to keep the doors wide open, print the news and preserve strict neutrality with respect to its treatment. If a Jewish rabbi were to ask us to refuse to print sermons preached by members of the Ministerial Union because such sermons proclaim the divinity of Christ and are contrary to Hebraic teaching and doctrine we would promptly refuse the request, just as we would deny the request of a member of that Union were he to ask us to close our columns against a Jewish rabbi because he refuses to concede the divinity of Christ.

Mr. Cooke asked us if we would print the resolutions adopted by the Union relative to Pastor Russell. We told him we would if he would procure an indemnity bond, have it signed by property-owning members of the Union and turn it over to us with the understanding that it should be used to indemnify us from all loss in event of suit for libel or slander being instituted by Pastor Russell.

We received no assurance that such indemnity bond would be forthcoming.

Therefore we refrain from publishing a resolution which shows that its framer is so obsessed with prejudice against the object of attack that he throws legal safeguards to the winds.

Mr. Cooke made one point which we feel, is deserving of public attention. That is that members of the evangelical churches read the Brooklyn Tabernacle Sunday School exposition in our paper each Saturday and, thinking it is an exposition authorized by the evangelical churches, accept it. "If it had the name of Pastor Russell attached to it, our people would not be influenced by it," Mr. Cooke said.

We immediately informed him that such an objection could be met promptly and that in future it would bear unmistakable evidence of its authorship. Immediate instructions were given to place beneath the [HG687] heading the words, "Edited by Pastor Russell." In addition, that the public may know fully who Pastor Russell is, we take the following sketch of him from "Who's Who in America": "Russell, Charles Taze (Pastor Russell). Independent minister; born at Pittsburgh, Feb. 16, 1852; son of Joseph L. and Ann Eliza (Birney) Russell; educated principally under private tutors; married Marie Frances, daughter of Mahlen and Salam Ackley, 1879. Began an independent ministry, Pittsburgh, 1878; now regularly elected pastor of numerous congregations from Maine to California; chiefly serving in Brooklyn Tabernacle. Travels upwards of 30,000 miles each year in his work, including semi-annual trips to Great Britain in connection with the work centering in the London Tabernacle congregation, whom he serves as pastor; disclaims being the founder of a religious sect; interprets the punishment of the Bible as eternal death and not eternal torture. Author of a series of books, 'Studies in the Scriptures,' issued since 1886 and now printed at the rate of 700,000 copies a year; editor of the Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence; his Sunday sermons published in 2,000 newspapers. President of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, People's Pulpit Association of New York and International Bible Students' Association. His address is Brooklyn Tabernacle, 13 and 17 Hicks Street, Brooklyn."

We think the above should meet the views of Mr. Cooke and his associates in the matter of the identity of the author of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Sunday School lesson exposition. Whether they agree with him or he with them on matters of religion teaching is wholly beyond the point, because upon such matters the members of the Ministerial Union do not agree among themselves. No one knows that better than those who are acquainted with the composition of its membership.

We do not hold that upon religious matters Pastor Russell is right and that they are wrong, or that they are right and that he is wrong. We simply print the above to show that we know no religious preferences in this newspaper office, and that our columns are wide open to news and other matters affecting and interesting all religionists. We spend thousands of dollars every year in giving a fair and impartial portrayal in our columns of the religious activities in this and other communities. We might add that ten times as much of that money is spent to give news space and free advertising to members of the Ministerial Union as is given to Pastor Russell and that thus far neither Pastor Russell nor any other religionist who does not agree with their teachings has seen fit to complain to us against such jug-handled liberality or to demand that their teachings be left out of our paper because he does not believe in the varying doctrines they preach. Were any person to make such a demand we would promptly inform him that in the matter of religion the open-door policy prevails in this of fire and that it will continue to prevail, equal opportunity and courtesy being accorded to Jew and Gentile and Protestant and Catholic. Wilmington (Del.) Evening Journal

Volume 6, Number 8

BALTIMORE, Md., Dec. 10, 1914. 2012 E. Monument St.

To the Editor of The Sun: Sir:-In the editorial column of the Evening Sun, December 7, appeared the following in reference to Mr. Roosevelt's article on the Mexican question, published in the New York Times: "If (Mr. Roosevelt's article) is virtually an appeal to religious prejudice; it is a demagogic attempt to array the members of a powerful and splendid Church against Mr. Wilson by a recital of Mexican atrocities that are calculated to shock and horrify all Catholics beyond expression." Here The Sun protests against Mr. Roosevelt's using either his influence or the public press for the supposed purpose of prejudicing Catholics against the Wilson administration by a recital of facts-real facts, known to all of us; and yet in the very same issue of The Sun it allows its columns to be used for the purpose of openly attacking and slandering the same "powerful and splendid Church" by a recital not of facts, but of ignorant and malicious misrepresentations.

I refer to the article written by a certain Pastor Russell, under the heading, "Clergy Ordination Proved Fraudulent," in which the aforesaid gentleman [HG688] took occasion to ridicule the Catholic Church (mentioning her by name), denouncing her doctrines, rites and ceremonies as "shackles of ignorance and superstition," and accusing her clergy of instituting various ceremonies for purpose of graft. He goes still further and grossly misrepresents Catholic teaching, imputing to the Church doctrines which she has never held, and making the further insolent implication that the vast majority of her people are kept in ignorance of this teaching. An example of this is found in the following, quoted from his article: "Another step," he says, "in the wrong direction, which thoroughly separates the clergy from the laity, was the doctrine still held by the Church of Rome; namely, that the clergy alone constitute the Church, and that the common people are the children of the Church. Many Catholics are not aware of this fact, but think they are members of the Catholic Church."

That this statement is without foundation and therefore absolutely false may be seen from the following definition found in our Catechism, taught in our schools, and on all occasions preached from our pulpits. According to this definition, 'The Church is the congregation of all those who profess the faith of Christ, partake of the same sacraments, and are governed by their lawful pastors under one visible head." That this includes the laity as well as the clergy as members of the Church is self-evident; and it is the doctrine held by the Church at the present day, and held by her throughout the two thousand years of her existence.

Another misrepresentation of Catholic teaching is found in the following: "Catholics still hold," he says, "that the Millennium, or Christ's thousand-year reign, began with the year 800." This statement is positively absurd; no Catholic believes it, nor has the Church ever taught it.

Now, it is to just such false statements as these, many more of which may be found in the article in question, that we object. We are willing, indeed, to excuse his ignorance of Catholic doctrine-we could not expect more; but when he openly asserts that Catholics do not know the true teachings of their Church, and that they are, moreover, knowingly and willingly kept in the dark about the same, then he grossly insults every true member of the Catholic Church, millions of whom are found throughout this land.

We might expect to find articles of this nature in such papers as the "Menace"-a paper which exists for that purpose and for that alone; but we certainly do not expect to find them in a publication which has for its standard high and noble ideals, and which is largely patronized and supported by members of the Church therein denounced. And against the publication of such articles, be they paid advertisements or otherwise, we most emphatically protest.

REV. THOS. J. LENNAN, St. Andrew's Church


BROOKLYN, Dec. 18, 1914

To the Editor of The Sun, Baltimore, Md.:

Dear Sir:-I have before me what purports to be a copy of a letter addressed to you by Rev. Thos. J. Lennan, in which the gentleman takes exception to some statements made by me in an address published under the title, "Clergy Ordination Proved Fraudulent." The reverend gentleman erred in supposing that my address was against the Roman Catholic Church-or against any church. I am not identified with any ecclesiastical system. The address was not delivered to Roman Catholics nor against Roman Catholicism. I merely mentioned some Roman Catholic doctrines incidentally. Roman Catholics inform me that they are not allowed to read any sermons in the newspapers or elsewhere unless under special privilege from their clerics. Hence the printing of my sermon was not supposed to reach Catholics-except the clerics or those of the laity whom they think sufficiently intelligent to be granted full liberties. My addresses appeal to the great unchurched majority of mankind who are rapidly falling into unbelief and many of them into atheism. These, classed as renegades by the Churches, are heeding my message and encourage me with assurances that they are finding foundations for faith very different from those which they abandoned.

I am surprised that Rev. Lennan denies or takes any exception to my statements that the clergy alone constitute the Church of Rome and that the laity are merely the children of the Church. Surely the gentleman knows of the wide gulf which separates the clergy from the laity. Surely he knows that the laity are all taught to speak of the clergy as the "Fathers." A young man being educated for the priesthood is styled a "Brother" up to the time he takes ordination-holy orders. By that ordination he steps over from the laity to the clergy. Instead, then, of being a "Brother" to the laity, he at once becomes a "Father."

Does Rev. Lennan dispute that only the Church, only the ecclesiastics partake of the two elements of communion and that to the laity is given the bread alone?

Does Rev. Lennan dispute the very meaning of the word clergy-that it signifies heritage and that the clergy are said to be thus separated from all others as God's heritage-God's Church? I am well aware that [HG689] Protestants, while ignoring the teachings of the Roman hierarchy entirely, accept nominally the division between clergy and laity. This, however, on their part, seems to be from lack of information because the Protestant sects, especially those which recognize the congregational system, such as Baptists, Congregationalists, etc., all who in any manner elect their clergy, recognize the electors as the Church and the clergy as their honored servants. These all claim to be in harmony with St. Peter's statement to the effect that the entire Church of Christ is a Royal Priesthood, a peculiar people, God's holy nation. (1 Pet. 2:9) It is the same St. Peter who uses the word clergy. (1 Pet. 5:3) See Douay Bible.

Surely Rev. Lennan will not dispute that himself and others of the Catholic clergy are ecclesiastics and just as surely he will not claim that the laity are ecclesiastics!

But what is the real meaning of this word? It comes from the Greek word ecclesia and signifies the Church. In other words, all ecclesiastics claim to be the Church and disallow that the laity are ecclesiastics or members of the Church. We hold that the entire New Testament teaches that the ecclesia of Christ is the Church of Christ, the Body of Christ, the members of that mystical Body of which Christ is the Head. We hold that these are a Royal Priesthood, fully commissioned and fully ordained to preach "all things written." We hold that we of today have inherited from the past misconception, a fraudulent view in respect to ordination to preach, in the claim that this is not equally for all who are joined to Christ by faith through consecration.

Never did I think that any Roman Catholic, especially a cleric, an ecclesiastic, would deny my statements that it is Catholic doctrine that the Millennium began with the year 800 under Pope Leo III, and that it ended A. D. 1799, when the Pope was taken a prisoner to Paris by Napoleon. The Roman Catholic view, furthermore, is that the "little season" of Rev. 20:3, 7 is the period since 1799 and that the progress of Protestantism is the figuratively declared loosing of Satan for a little season. In old editions of the Douay Bible this explanation is given in the footnote comments on this passage. In some of the more recent editions the footnote has been changed, but still applies the thousand years of Rev. 20:2 in the past. It reads thus: "For a thousand years; that is, for the whole time of the New Testament; but specially from the time of the destruction of Babylon or Pagan Rome, till the new efforts of Gog and Magog against the Church, towards the end of the world." Where Pagan Rome ended Papal Rome began. This, according to history, was in 756. Whichever of these Catholic comments be accepted places the thousand years of Christ's reign -the Millennium- in the past. I think it would be unwise for Rev. Lennan to attempt to dispute either of these points which he raises.

However, I remind you, Sir, that I am addressing the public-not Roman Catholics.

I am discussing Truth and Error. I seek to use, always, courteous language. I strictly avoid personalities. I preach the Gospel to the best of my ability, and the public manifest a desire to hear. Surely Rev. Lennan and all the various religious systems, after centuries of propagation and inculcation, should be willing to hear the other side without fear.

Respectfully yours, C. T. RUSSELL


"Whoever wins, we lose."

"In this pithy and painful phrase repeated over and over again by the Jewish press is compressed the whole calamity which confronts the Jewish people, who live among the nations which are now engaged in the death struggle for supremacy.

Millions of the Jewish people are living in the regions where the conflagration is spreading ruin and destruction from day to day, and while the gains and emoluments of victory will be shared by others, their losses will be entirely their own.

"All the horrors of fire and sword, devastation and destruction are now added to the tragedy of Jewish homelessness and persecution. Again are Jewish citizens giving their last and best proof of devotion to their adopted countries by laying down their lives on the field of battle-by killing their own Jewish brethren of other countries. But the grim irony of the situation is beyond expression when it is remembered that the Jewish combatants on the opposing sides are fighting for countries which deny them their human rights. Proof of Jewish devotion to duty has never been lacking, but now that we behold it again on the field of battle we have before us a new indictment of the moral turpitude of the European governments.

"The losses of the war, the reverses and misfortunes [HG690] will fall heavily upon the shoulders of the Jews, who receive very little consideration from their governments, either in times of war or of peace. The extent of actual Jewish participation in the war is estimated at over 550,000 Jewish soldiers, some fighting on one side and some on the other."- Exchange


No Divine Authority for their Ecclesiastical Titles D. D., Right Reverend, Very Reverend, etc.

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It will be an Exclusive and Aristocratic Monarchy

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When discouragement almost o'erwhelms us, And we fail to see clearly the road, Let us trust in the Lord's precious promise- "ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD."