The Findlay Daily Courier January 11, 1913


How different the statement respecting man's creation from that describing the creation of plants and the lower animals which the seas and the earth brought forth! Man's creation was premeditated. God designed man to be king over the earth. He was to be his Creator's image, not in physical form, but in moral and intellectual qualities resembling his Creator, a Spirit Being. As we read, "God created man in His own image." Not a word here can be construed as implying the evolution of man from the lower creatures.


So far from teaching Evolution, the Bible teaches the very reverse. St. Paul declares, "By one man's disobedience sin entered into the world, and death as the result of sin. Thus death passed upon all men, because all are sinners." (Rom. 5:12.) The Bible represents man as the masterpiece of mundane creation. God pronounced him "very good." Nor could we esteem it just that any but a perfect being should be placed on trial for life or death everlasting.


Higher Critics claim that Genesis 2 is another account, written by a different person, giving a different order of creation man created first, then trees, beasts, etc. To us this is foolishness. Moses, having described creation in its logical order, merely particularizes some of his previous statements. He declares (Gen. 2:4) that he has already described the generations or developments of things heavenly and earthly from "the beginning," before there was any plant life. He mentions that at that time there was no rain. He again assures us that man was God's last creation, to be the king of earth; and he proceeds to give an account of man's creation, so different from that of the lower animals and vegetation. Man was not evolved, but God's handiwork. He was not spirit, but flesh, formed of the dust of the ground, with the spirit of life common to all earthly creatures. The Hebrew reads, literally, "In his nostrils the breath of lives" the breath or spirit of life common to all breathing creatures.


The details of human creation imply that Adam lived some time alone and sexless. Some Bible students infer from the chronology that it was two years from Adam's creation until the expulsion from Eden under the death sentence. The cause for the division of Adam into two persons is stated: the earth was to be populated with a race of his species, and amongst all the creatures none was suitable as companion and mother of his offspring. Thus again is shown that Adam was distinctly different from apes and all other creatures under his control. He was in the likeness of his Creator. Other Scriptures show us that it is the Divine purpose that the sex quality in humanity shall be dropped.

The division of Adam into two parts left the headship with the male, but deprived him of some of his sympathetic qualities. His wife had less of the masculine and aggressive traits; but the two were perfectly adapted to each other and fulfilled each other's ideals. The fall from God's favor has affected both sexes, producing extremes of coarseness and effeminacy, and robbing the marriage relationship of its ideal happiness. The Restitution or resurrection to be brought about by Messiah's Kingdom will not mean the restoration of sex perfections, but the gradual perfecting of each individual in the image of God.


Note the consistency of the Bible theory which necessitated the division of one man into male and female. God purposed that the entire race must proceed from the one man. He foresaw sin and provided for man's recovery. If two or more individuals had sinned, it would have required just as many redeemers, according to the Divine Law, "An eye for an eye," a man's life for a man's life. God intended only one glorious Redeemer, therefore the entire race sprang from one man Adam that "as by a man came death, by a man should come the resurrection of the dead." 1 Cor. 15:21.


Adam and Eve in some respects foreshadowed Christ and the Church. Jesus, personally, is the Great Savior, whose death constitutes the Ransom-price for the entire race. During His Millennial Reign He will give back earthly life to Adam and his posterity. But before regenerating the world, God has arranged that first from the wound in Christ's side, figuratively, an Elect Church shall be formed, to be the second Eve, on the spirit plane, as He is the Second Adam. The Church will be the mother of humanity during the Millennium.

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