This article was republished an the Overland Monthly, pages OM127-OM131, entitled, "An Infant 100 Years Old to be Electrocuted."


We have been told a thousand times, what we never needed to be told at all, that the prayer of our Savior, that all His people should be one, does not contemplate the solidarity of one universal ecclesiasticism. We ought all to understand the difference between union and unity. Union is the joining together, and may exist organically and outwardly where there is no essential oneness of life and purpose; that is to say, union may be mechanical, like a tree that has been made by nailing branches to a trunk, with twigs tied on with wire. Such a tree lacks essential oneness and can never bear fruit.

But unity means essential oneness, as when a tree grows its own twigs. The unity for which Christ prayed is a unity of aim, of life, of spirit. He prayed that the various parts of His church, even to the individual members of it, might stand so related to each other that they would co-operate with one mind and one spirit in saving men.

Evidently the Apostles so understood His doctrine; for they did not undertake to bind into one ecclesiasticism the various churches which they planted in various regions of the world. These churches were largely self-governing, subject to no instituted, general, governing body, subject only to the authority of the Apostles and their own constituted local authorities.


"Wool not the product of sheep is being utilized abroad for the making of men's clothing. This is known as "limestone wool," and is made in an electric furnace.

Powdered limestone, mixed with certain chemicals, is thrown into the furnace, and, after passing through a furious air blast, it is tossed out as fluffy white wool.

When it comes from the furnace the wool is dyed and made into lengths like cloth. A pair of trousers or a coat made of this material cannot, it is claimed, be burned or damaged by grease, and is as flexible as cloth made of sheep's wool."

Everyday Life And yet when the occasion arose, as occasion did arise over the question of the circumcision of the Gentiles, every church was ready to hear the decision of a council really to pass on such a question. They were organically separate, as to their ordinary ongoing, and yet they were essentially united; there was no union, but there was unity. This is what Christ contemplated, we are bold to say it was all He contemplated.

Having put this in the clear, we now have a question to ask: What is the attitude of Christ toward an ecclesiastical arrangement which is at war with this purpose of His to preserve unity in His church? Does such an ecclesiastical arrangement align itself obediently under this great prayer of His? Or does it violate the whole purpose and meaning of His prayer?

We have a further question: Is the ecclesiastical situation of American Methodism such as to promote unity, or have we an arrangement that in hundreds of places scandalizes the name of unity? If any one thinks to cut the ground from under the present trend of American Methodism by showing that Christ did not pray for organic union, let that somebody tell us whether we have what Christ did pray for, and tell us whether the present situation is at war with what He prayed for and whether this trend is really in the direction of fulfilling the prayer of the Master.- Western Methodist


In 1905 the population of Massachusetts was 3,003,635. In that year there were 11,661 insane patients in the care of the State, including epileptics and inebriates.

October 1, 1909, there were 14,374 insane in State institutions, or one to every 227 of the population, which, according to the last census, was 3,366,416. The increase in population was only 362,779, while the increase in the accumulation of all classes of insane patients was 2,710. Therefore, in the last five years the increase in insanity has been 11.16 per cent greater than the increase in population.


This article appears in its entirety in Pastor Russell's Sermons, pages SM42-SM49, under the title of, "Two Distinct Salvations."


This article was republished in Reprints R4849-50 -July 1, 1911, entitled, "The Love Required of the New Creation."


"O grave [sheol, hades-hell] where is thy victory." 1 Cor. 15:55

Death is spoken of throughout the Bible as an enemy. Merely hymn-book theology presents it as a friend, an angel sent of God. Death is introduced to our attention in the distinct understanding that had Adam not transgressed the Divine commands he need not have died, nor ever have been cast out of his Eden home.

St. Paul emphasizes the fact that death is the penalty of sin and that the resurrection of the dead will come to mankind as the result of the redemptive work of Christ. He says, "Since by man comes death, by man also comes the resurrection of the dead. For as all in Adam die, even so all in Christ shall be made alive; but every man in his own order," band or cohort. 1 Cor. 15:21-23

As Genesis introduces death as a penalty for sin, Revelation concludes the great drama by pointing out Christ's victory and the destruction of sin and death, the release of all the members of Adam's family from his sentence and eventually the bringing of all the willing back to fellowship with God and to eternal life.

Between these two extremes of Divine Revelation are the assurances of the Prophets and the words of Jesus and His Apostles explaining the processes of redemption and reconciliation. St. Paul summarizes these with the statement, "By one man's disobedience sin entered into the world, and death as the result of sin, and thus death passed upon all men, because all are sinners . . . As by one man's disobedience [the] many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall [the] many be made righteous." Rom. 5:12-19


In the poetic language of Scripture death is symbolically represented as a great monster which has been swallowing up the human family, never satisfied.

Millions on millions have already been devoured. Mankind in vain has looked for a Deliverer-for one able to vanquish death and to deliver the prisoners from the great prison-house of sheol, hades, the grave. This monster was granted permission to devour the race by Him who created us, because we were unworthy of eternal life. Death, therefore, is backed by the mandate of the Almighty, and He cannot overthrow His own decision.

The Divine proposition is that whoever would meet the requirements of Justice against Adam and his race might purchase or ransom them, and have full right to deliver them from the prison-house, the tomb. For four thousand years there were promises looking forward to this great Messianic Deliverer, but only promises-nothing was accomplished. Finally, in due time, God sent forth His Son.

He says that "He came not to condemn the world [not to add to its condemnation, not to add to its sorrow or pain or trouble or hopelessness], but that the world through Him might be saved" from death-have life, perfect and everlasting, deliverance from the jaws of the monster and from his prison-house. But although more than eighteen centuries have since [HG496] elapsed, the race is being swallowed up of this great monster, death, more voraciously than ever-ninety thousand every day. His prison-house, sheol, hades, the tomb, is supposed now to contain twenty thousand millions of Adam's children. Why the delay? Did God's plans go awry? Was the Savior insufficient for His work? Was His sacrifice imperfect and unsatisfactory?

The Scriptures assure us that the sacrifice that Jesus offered (Himself) was a satisfaction, "ransom price," for the sins of the whole world. They tell us that the Heavenly Father manifested His approval of the sacrifice when he granted the Pentecostal blessing, and that Jesus is even now at the Father's right hand waiting (Heb. 10:12, 13) until the time shall come when the heathen and the uttermost parts of the earth shall be given to Him, that He may establish His reign of righteousness, blessing the world and releasing all the prisoners of Sin and Death.

The delay is not in any sense an indication of weakness, nor of any change in the Divine Program. It merely indicates that there is another feature of the Almighty's purpose which we did not for a time discern. The work is to be a great one.

Twenty thousand millions are to be delivered from death's prison-house. And all of them will need instruction, uplifting, chastening, schooling to prepare them for the Divine blessing of life everlasting. The time for instruction and uplifting is declared to be a thousand years. The power for the instruction is the Messianic Kingdom, the Rulers of which will be Messiah and His Bride-joint-heir with Him in His Kingdom. During the past nineteen centuries God, by His Word and providences, has been calling and drawing a "little flock" to Christ to be His Bride.

And not until all of these shall be called, drawn, tested, proven faithful unto death as followers in the Master's footsteps, will the elect Body be complete and the slaying of the great monsters, Sin and Death, be begun and accomplished. For that day the saints are waiting and praying, "Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly!" And for that day the whole creation is waiting, although not clearly informed respecting the blessings in store for them-Rom. 8:19, 21.


St. Paul points us to the great Deliverer, the glorified Messiah, at the time when He shall take the Kingdom under the whole heavens and begin the fulfillment of the prayer He taught us, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as in heaven." He tells us He must reign until He shall have put all enemies under His feet- "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death" (1 Cor. 15:26). The meaning is clear. Messiah's Kingdom will address itself promptly to the rectification of every form of unrighteousness, financial, political, social, religious. He will rule the world with a rod of iron and every nation and every system or element contrary to the Divine standards of righteousness will be broken to shivers with His "iron rod." Thus will righteousness be established in the earth in the midst of "a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation."

But the putting down of sin will be but the beginning of Messiah's work. Satan being bound, and the reign of sin thus stopped, each transgression will receive a just recompense and each good endeavor a just reward. Gradually mankind will rise out of sin and therefore proportionately come from under the power of death, until all the willing and obedient shall be fully delivered from all danger as respects the monster which has devoured our race for sixty centuries. Not only so, but those twenty thousand millions who have gone into the prison-house of death will be released-not all at once, but gradually, as the Apostle declares, "Every man in his own order," or band.

By the close of the thousand years of Messiah's reign, His victory over Sin and Death will be complete. Every member of Adam's race will have been lifted from the prison-house of death. It will be a prison-house no longer, for there will be no prisoners in it; mankind will have been lifted out of the clutches of Sin and Death, weakness and depravity, by the processes of restitution, resurrection, uplifting. (Acts 3:19-21)

The victory over sin will be complete, because all who love sin and are willingly its servants after being released from the condemnation of the Adamic death, will be destroyed in the Second Death. Thus Adamic Sin and Death will finally be completely routed and the prison-house of death be broken up. And Adam and his family, not willingly sinners, will all be set at liberty-restored to human perfection, as the earth will be brought to Edenic perfection.


Then will be brought to pass the Divine prophecy, "O. death, where is thy sting? O, grave, where is thy victory?" 1 Cor. 15:55

We must notice when this is to be brought to pass. It is not now true. The sting of death is in us all, for as the Apostle explains, Sin is the sting of death. And because all have been stung by sin, all are dying. It will require the entire Messianic Age to fully extract from humanity the virus, the sting, of sin by bringing mankind to perfection. Only as the sting of death is removed will the power of death relax, because it is a [HG497] part of the Divine Law that "The soul that sinneth, it shall die." Death now has its sting. But when that which is perfect shall have come, the sting will be gone, the imperfection and weakness will be gone, the cause for sin will also be gone.

Not now, but then, will be brought to pass the saying, "O. hades, where is thy victory?" Hades, sheol, the grave, has been having a victory over Adam's race for over sixty centuries. And its victory will not be entirely overthrown until the Redeemer shall have delivered from the power of the grave the last member of the human family-for all of whom "He died, the Just for the unjust, to bring us back to God."

Thus, as the Apostle says, with the culmination of Christ's Kingdom, with the deliverance of all mankind from the power of Sin and Death, death will be swallowed up in victory. The Apostle probably quoted from Hos. 8:14, where we read, "I will ransom them from the power of the grave [sheol]; I will redeem them from death; O death, I will be thy plagues [gradual destruction]; O grave [sheol], I will be thy destruction; repentance shall be hid from mine eyes." The Almighty will never change or turn from this decision. Death and the grave, sheol, hades (the Bible hell), are to be destroyed. Every member of Adam's race is to be delivered by Him who redeems all.


A key is a symbol of authority and symbolizes a legal power to open the prison-house and to release the prisoners. Adamic death has been a legal penalty upon our race-a just penalty. But although all shared the condemnation and weakness, God foresaw that some of the race, if granted the opportunity, would gladly return to loyalty to His laws. He has, therefore, made provision through Jesus for every member of the race, great and small, rich and poor. Worldwide redemption will be provided and world-wide opportunity for the coming to a knowledge of the Truth and for being uplifted or resurrected will be afforded. The right or power to release mankind from the power of death and from the prison-house of the tomb, sheol, hades, the grave, is represented by the key in the hands of Messiah. He gained that key, that rightful authority to set us free from the grave, by the redemption which He accomplished at Calvary.

This figure of the prison-house was used also by the Lord through Isaiah the Prophet. Is it not written that the Lord was anointed to preach a message of good tidings to the meek, to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives of Sin and Death and the opening of the prison-house of death to those that are bound? And did not Jesus apply this very prophecy to Himself? (Isa. 61:1; Luke 4:18) Surely our Lord opened no earthly prison-doors at His first advent.

But just as surely He foretold that He would open the prison-doors and set all the captives free. His death, "the Just for the unjust," was in order that He might have the authority to release the prisoners-by His death He secured the key.

Eventually this glorious work will be consummated, and in the consummation of it the elect Church of this Gospel Age is invited to have a share. Hence the Church is called out from the world first, under a special Covenant of sacrifice, that she may with her Lord, the Redeemer, become part of the Seed of Abraham on the spirit plane. Gal. 3:29


"And death and hell (hades) were cast into the lake of fire. This is the Second Death." Rev. 20:14

In the symbolic language of Revelation, Messiah's reign is described as a glorious opportunity for all mankind to come back into harmony with the Almighty and to attain everlasting life through the great Mediatorial Kingdom. The symbolic picture of which this text is a part, describes the establishment of Messiah's Kingdom, the saints of this Gospel Age being with Him in His throne, in His Kingdom, reigning with Him-a Royal Priesthood. Rev. 20:1-6

The context further describes that period, in which all mankind shall be brought to a knowledge of the Truth, when all shall "stand before the great White Throne," Messiah's Judgment Throne, to be tried, to be tested, to be proven whether they will accept or refuse the perfection and eternal life which Divine mercy will then make possible for them. During that thousand years of Messiah's reign, as we have seen, death will be gradually swallowed up in victory. And as the prisoners of the tomb are gradually released, the grave will be destroyed, will be no more.

The statement, "death and hades were cast into the lake of fire, which is the Second Death," is merely another way of explaining to us that Adamic death, and the grave connected therewith, will be superseded by the Second Death. Any of the race who, by the close of the Mediatorial reign, shall not have come up to perfection and shall not have gotten entirely free from the power of sin and the tomb, will themselves be responsible for their wrong condition, their imperfection. The great Mediator will have done everything right, proper and necessary for all. Whoever then shall come short of eternal life will himself only be to blame. And the trial time over, any not fully delivered, any still held by sin, will be [HG498] willingly held, and all such will be turned over to the Second Death, destruction, symbolized by fire.

Let it be remembered that the valley of Hinnom, outside of Jerusalem the earthly, where only the vile refuse was destroyed, will find its antitype in the Second Death, symbolically represented as a lake of fire outside the New Jerusalem. In it will be consumed utterly, completely, everything out of harmony with the Divine will.


In the New Testament, as we have seen, hades stands for the grave or state of death, which results from Adam's transgression; while Gehenna represents the Second Death, which will come only upon those who shall first have been delivered from the Adamic sentence, or shall have had at least a full opportunity for deliverance and who will manifest their love for sin more than for righteousness and who, therefore, will be sentenced to the Second Death.

But in the Old Testament there is no distinctive word used to represent the Second Death-the extinction which will be the penalty of personal willful transgression.

To meet the difficulty the word sheol is used a second time. For instance, we read of some who will be willfully wicked after enjoying a knowledge of the Truth-not merely inheritors of imperfection and weaknesses which they have not overcome, but intelligently willful sinners- "The wicked shall be returned to sheol together with all people who forget God." (Psa. 9:17) In our Common Version the prefix re is improperly omitted.

The "wicked" are only those who sin against light, knowledge and opportunity, and only those can be said to forget God who have once known Him-who have been brought to a knowledge of the Truth and turned from it. Truly the Resurrection Hope is the great theme of the Bible.id=HG498:5.end>


This article was republished in Reprints R4832-June 1, 1911, entitled, "Ransom-Ransom Price -Sin Atonement."


The Rev. Lyman Abbott, of New York, spoke sadly of the decadence of the power of the pulpit, addressing 5,000 University of Wisconsin men and women at a convention at Madison, Wis. "It is said the cloth has lost its power – it has," said Dr. Abbott. "It is said the pulpit has lost its power – it has. But a man, altruistic in the highest sense and spiritual, will never lose his power."

Press Report.

It was certainly appropriate that Dr. Abbott should make the above statement to college people. Admitting the facts, let us find also their cause. It is because of the inconsistency of its teaching that the pulpit has lost its power with the masses.

The pulpit backs up and endorses the teachings of all the colleges of our day along the lines of Higher Criticism and Evolution. The people are coming to understand that this means that the pulpit is in antagonism to the Bible. If Evolution be true, man never fell and hence needed no Redeemer and no saving from a fallen state, but needed merely to be let alone in his evolutionary progress.

According to Higher Criticism the Bible in general is unreliable. Moses never wrote the books accredited to him, and Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and others never wrote the books accredited to them – never were inspired of God to write these books. And if this be true, then Jesus and the Apostles were deceived and could not have been inspired by God when they quoted from these sacred writings of the past and declared them to be the Word of God and vouched for their authorship.


On the other hand the public notice that the very [HG499] ministers who thus preach Evolution, Higher Criticism, unbelief in the Divine Revelation, keep right along preaching some of the absurdities which our forefathers claimed were in harmony with the Bible. Is it any wonder that the people are coming to see the inconsistency of such a position?

The result is that the masses have less and less confidence in the clergy. The people do not know what the clergy believe even when they hear them speak, for their address may be from the standpoint of the creeds or from the standpoint of Higher Criticism, according to their moods. The result of this uncertain sounding of the trumpet is that the masses are coming to the conclusion that the whole matter of religion is a big guess and that some of the guesses are influenced by temporal considerations.

The unbelief of the people grows and threatens to become agnosticism, or worse, atheism! Those who have brought about this condition of things during the past thirty years are the college professors and the best educated of Christendom. And now they stand astonished at the results, which they should have foreseen. Verily they are fulfilling the Divine prophecies of Isaiah, which, referring to our day, declare, "The wisdom of their wise men shall perish; the understanding of their prudent men shall not be manifest." (Isa. 29:14.) No wonder the civilized world is in trepidation as it sees the onward march of Socialism!

And however honest and well intentioned many Socialists may be, the result of their effort will spell anarchy and a time of trouble such as the world has never yet seen-a time of trouble, however, predicted by Daniel the Prophet, whose prediction was endorsed by Jesus Himself.-Dan. 12:1; Matt. 24:21.

What is the remedy? No remedy can possibly reach the disease! The Bible rightly understood is the balm of Gilead which alone could have helped. But matters have gone so far that comparatively few have sufficient confidence in the Bible to be willing to make a reexamination of it in the light of the Divine Plan of the Ages, which alone shows the harmony of the Word of God, from beginning to end.


Our reporter called on Pastor Russell immediately after his return from his British appointments. He was just ready to start on his World Tour as chairman of the Committee appointed by the International Bible Students Association to examine into and report on the Progress of Foreign Missions in the conversion of the world to Christianity. Replying to our reporter's queries Pastor Russell said: I had a very enjoyable sojourn with the British. Since I left here on October 4th I delivered 55 addresses in 24 cities to approximately 44,000 people: In England, 31 meetings (12 of these in the London Tabernacle); in Scotland, 14 meetings; in Ireland, 6 meetings, and in Wales, 4 meetings; and going and coming on the steamers I had excellent opportunities for literary work.

While abroad did you learn of the further attacks made upon you by the Brooklyn Eagle?

Oh, yes! friends sent me clippings from the Eagle respecting myself; one remarking on the Eagle's 70th anniversary that the Eagle evidently belonged to the nest mentioned in Rev. 18:2, "A cage of every unclean and hateful bird." Another wrote, "The Filthy Eagle." Another declared its three score and ten past and its decline well under way, remarking, if by reason of (financial) strength it attain four score, yet it will be with labor and sorrow. I am sorry for the poor old thing. Once it had quite a decent reputation.

I can speak for the "Peoples Pulpit Association" and for your many friends in Brooklyn and everywhere, and assure you that the Eagle's spite toward you is fully realized. We are sure that you have a complete answer to every charge.

These answers your friends do not need, but perhaps you would give the public a few words through the columns of Peoples Pulpit. Our little journal reaches twenty readers to the Eagle's one in this great city.

Surely, I will be pleased to reply to any queries you may suggest. But you must not expect me to render evil for evil or slander for slander. As a follower of Christ I am under orders to copy the Captain of our salvation, "who when He was reviled, reviled not again," but committed His interests to Divine care. He died for those who cried, "Crucify Jesus and release Barabbas the robber."

The senility of the poor old Eagle is shown by the character of the news it purveys. "Think of a Twentieth Century newspaper dishing up matter dated 1894, in its venomous attacks upon a preacher; and his chief faults are that he has the largest audiences and refuses to allow collections to be taken; and proves to the people that the Bible is true and that the fault is with the creeds of the Dark Ages; and proves also from the Bible that God is love, and that [HG500] He has not provided eternal torture for any of His creatures, but that the Bible hell and punishment for willful sins are wholly different from what we once supposed.

Neither the Eagle, nor the preachers whom it represents, any longer believe the eternal torture theory, but they want the people to so believe until ready to drop the Bible entirely and join the "Higher Critics" in their new Gospel, viz., "By Evolution are ye saving yourselves and your race; your first parents did not fall; they were Apes; ye need no Redeemer, nor faith in one."

The poor old Eagle miscalculates the mental and moral caliber of its reader, or else I do. It's intelligent readers should see through its venal attacks, and should not be deceived. Those of its readers who are of filthy mind- "Let them be filthy still." (Rev. 22:11) I do not crave their good will. "Birds of feather flock together!" Those who have charge of advertising my meetings have promised me that they will never again use the Eagle columns.

I have little to add to the interview you published last October. I then explained matters quite fully. I have many Christian friends who know me personally and through my books on Bible study, and through my sermons which reach ten millions of readers weekly.

I remind you briefly of the facts: A most excellent and noble wife became mentally poisoned by "Women's rights." When I refused to allow such ideas a place in my journal, The Watch Tower, she became my bitterest enemy. First she tried to coerce me. This failing she since seeks to destroy my influence. Yet never was a wife more kindly treated. Our property by mutual consent was all devoted to the Lord's cause whilst we were in fullest accord. Provision was made merely for the necessities of life for both of us. When she changed her mind she demanded the money we had devoted to God's cause. I paid her forty dollars per month. She appealed to the courts for more money. However, that is all settled, for in 1909 during my absence in Europe preaching, five of my friends, all men, made up a purse of $10,000, settled with Mrs. Russell and took her receipts for five-years' allowances ordered by the court, which they knew I had not means to pay.

What about Rose Ball going to Australia?

Why, of course, she did not stay a child in short dresses all the time. She married and went to Australia with her husband. Remember, this is quite ancient history which the Eagle considers news. Twenty years ago Rose kissed my wife and me every night when she retired. And she did this at my wife's suggestion. It was at that time that she came crying to me and sat on my knee to tell her troubles – as to a father.

No one knows better than my wife that there was absolutely nothing impure in any of my dealings with that foster child. I did not get a chance to furnish my testimony in Court because the trial judge discerned that no immorality was charged in my wife's plea and ordered everything of the kind stricken from the court records.

On what plea then did she get a divorce?

She did not get a divorce at all; the court merely made a decree of separation. A sympathetic jury concluded that we both would be happier legally separated. My wife's charge contained not a suggestion of immorality. It charged "cruelty." The evidence submitted to her attorneys seemed to them rather slim proofs of cruelty, and two sets of lawyers abandoned her case. The third set of attorneys "cooked" up some so-called evidence including the story about Rose Ball, then married and gone to Australia and who long years before was our foster child. Emily Matthews, the housemaid of twenty years ago, had also married. Hearing of the case she came to Court voluntarily to testify on my behalf. But before I could put her on the witness stand the Court had ruled that portion of my wife's testimony "out of court" and to be stricken off the Court records.

My wife knew everything and never for one minute doubted my faithfulness as a husband. She merely sought revenge, because I did not accede to her "women's rights" notions.

So far from claiming immorality on my part, my wife's bill of complaint charged that I had never cohabited with her in the eighteen years of our married life. And her attorney taunted me with this. They neglected to tell the full truth; that the arrangement was by my wife's full consent, and changeable at notice by either party. She well knew that I had never indulged in sexual intercourse with any person; and to this moment I have lived an absolutely celibate life.

Did you ever purpose or threaten your wife's incarceration as a lunatic?

Never! On one occasion I did say to a mutual friend that so great a change-from being a most devoted wife to be so bitter an enemy-seemed so inexplicable that I wondered if it could be the effect of "change of life"-which for a time quite upset one of her relatives, as it does many women. I am still perplexed!


Asked what he knew about this concern Pastor Russell said: I know all about it. It is a little "Holding Company" of $1000 capital. All business people will understand. It is perfectly legal every way. I was one of the incorporators in the interest of the Bible and Tract [HG501] Society. I have not one dollar invested in it; nor have I been even nominally connected with it for many years.


The Eagle mentions a Cemetery scheme in which you made money, and it implies fraud. Will you throw a little light on that, please, Pastor Russell?

Surely! To denounce that as a fraud is like the charging of Jesus with being Beelzebub! That Cemetery has been a Godsend to many. It is now selling family burying plots for $15, such as the other cemeteries ask $150 for.

Is there anything fraudulent about that? Is it not philanthropic? Would not the people of Brooklyn be delighted to have such a beautiful Cemetery near them and to be able to purchase lots for $15 each? I so believe! How glad we would be if such a philanthropy were inaugurated in every large city! The original thought included the furnishing of caskets, embalming, funeral car (for casket and pall-bearers) and cemetery plot, all for about $50.

I have not now and never did have any money in vested in the enterprise. I merely gave advice. I advised that several ministers be made Directors to hold office for life, and that these represent various denominations not possessing denominational burying grounds. Rev. Witherspoon, Rev. Young, Bishop Whitehead and myself where chosen. If I gave the cemetery more attention and counsel than some others it was probably because it appealed to me more than to them, as helpful to many in their time of distress. If there is anything dishonorable in the matter I fail to see it. Even though I removed from Pittsburgh I did not resign my Directorship, but still keep in touch with the Cemetery. I would be glad to be associated with a local work of the same kind, to the extent that my other duties would permit.


The Eagle says that your work at Pittsburgh never amounted to much and implies that you have no friends or influence there now. How about that?

If that were true it would merely corroborate Jesus' words, "A prophet is not without honor, except in his own city." But I fear that I cannot thus claim to be a great teacher, for I have both friends and honor there. The Bible House Congregation, of which I was Pastor for several years, still holds me as its Pastor Emeritus. And I have a standing invitation to come whenever possible. Any Sunday if word were sent I would have a congregation of 600 to 800. And very few Protestant preachers there have so many any time. And few, after being gone for years, would be much more than "remembered." But the Eagle is so prejudiced that it sees crowds only when they go to hear its ministerial favorites and then it sees double or treble or quadruple. For instance, when it got hold of an "English Preacher" willing to help it down Pastor Russell, the Eagle showed its great "influence" and "advertising value." It gave lengthy reports and "boomed" the "Reverend" and his "gospel of spite" and reported "large audiences," when there were but 225 and they dwindled to 20. On the other hand, when I have spoken at the Brooklyn Academy of Music to a packed house of 2,300 and many turned away, the Eagle report implied that it was insignificant.

No great newspaper could afford to be so careless of the truth; its managers would know that the public would sooner or later learn the facts.

Not prejudices, but facts, are what the public expect of newspapers. Nor then do they specially care for facts of 20 years ago to be misrepresented. President Lincoln truly said, "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time." We commend that to the Eagle as sound advice, good to be taken in large doses if it hopes ever to recover from its present bilious spell.

The Eagle publishes letters showing that it is not your only enemy. I presume you knew you have more?

Oh, yes, "Whosoever will live godly will suffer persecution." Yet I have the consolation of knowing that "they hated me without a cause." No human being can truthfully say that I ever did him injury by act or word. One casts a stone claiming that I say I discovered new truths in the Bible while they say I have not.

Another casts a stone saying that I claim to be teaching the old truths of the Bible, while they say I am preaching a new gospel of my own making. Others are angry because I get crowded houses while they get but few; and that I can get along without lifting collections or making solicitations while they are pinched for money while using every means of getting it. Crucifixion and burning are no longer sanctioned by law; therefore the stone and mud-throwing instead.

The position of the Eagle people is hard to understand. They are championing ministers whose "Creeds" consign every Eagle man to a hell of torture eternal-except he be a saint, which none of its force would claim to be. It is fighting the one preacher of Brooklyn who is showing that the Creeds of a darker day misinterpreted the Bible on this point. In other words they are fighting their well-wisher. Or do they hold that eternal torture is only for their enemies and [HG502] not for themselves and their friends and their ministers and their congregations.

Well, Pastor Russell, what is your vengeance upon these your enemies, clerical and lay?

Oh, none! They are blinded, some by envy, some by malice, some by creeds and some by greed. I am waiting and praying for Messiah's glorious Kingdom to scatter present darkness-to open all the blind eyes, as God has promised.

What then?

Oh, then they'll be ashamed! Do you remember how it reads, "Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out, said, The Lord be glorified [i. e. we cast you out for the good of the Lord's cause]; but He shall appear to your joy and they shall be ashamed." (Isa. 66:5) My revenge will come in then-in helping them up out of their meanness and hardness of heart to the blessings then to be free to all the willing and obedient.


Will you give our readers a brief statement of the work you are carrying on and of your co-laborers in it?

With pleasure! Our Association is charted as philanthropic, for the promotion of Christian knowledge by printed page and orally. It is Biblical, but unsectarian.

Everything found in God's Book is its creed. Thirty-four ministers are members of the Association at present. Some of these are traveling constantly, addressing Classes of Bible Students, teaching them how to study the Bible most helpfully.

Others go out for Sunday meetings in the cities adjacent to New York to instruct similarly. And these latter during the week labor at the Brooklyn Tabernacle, where we conduct a Religious Correspondence School. Letters pour in upon us from all parts of the world, in various languages, asking help in the proper understanding of the Holy Scriptures. We have more than twenty typewriters in constant use.

We also have branches in Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, India, Greece and Switzerland where other laborers are similarly engaged. We have free literature in 18 languages explanatory of the Bible. We also handle Bibles and Bible Study helps in various languages, which we supply at wholesale rates.

These ministers, their wives and children and office helpers live together as one large family of about 100 persons in a comfortable Home. In it each family has its own quarters, but all meet in a large Dining Room for morning worship and at meal times. Frequently visitors drop in for a meal (the Dining Hall is large enough to accommodate 200), and they are made very welcome.

At meal times a leader conducts impromptu Bible Studies on whatever Bible subjects may be submitted. Thus we have a continual Bible School with lessons three times daily. All except children are required before admission to the family to profess a full consecration to the will of God as found in the Bible; and additionally to have taken the following:


1. Our Father, which art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. May Thy rule come into my heart more and more, and Thy will be done in my mortal body. Relying on the assistance of Thy promised grace to help in every time of need, through Jesus Christ our Lord, I register this Vow.

2. Daily will I remember at the Throne of Heavenly Grace the general interests of the harvest work, and particularly the share which I myself am privileged to enjoy in that work, and the dear co-laborers at the Brooklyn Tabernacle and Bethel, and everywhere.

3. I vow to still more carefully, if possible, scrutinize my thoughts and words and doings, to the intent that I may be the better enabled to serve Thee and Thy dear flock.

4. I Vow to Thee that I will be on the alert to resist everything akin to Spiritism and Occultism, and that, remembering that there are but the two masters, I shall resist these snares in all reasonable ways, as being of the Adversary.

5. I further Vow, that, with the exceptions below, I will at all times, and in all places, conduct myself toward those of the opposite sex in private exactly as I would do with them in public-in the presence of a congregation of the Lord's people.

6. And, so far as reasonably possible, I will avoid being in the same room with any of the opposite sex alone, unless the door to the room stand wide open.

7. Exceptions in the case of Brethren-wife, children, mother, and natural sisters.

In the case of Sisters-husband, children, father, and natural brothers.

Needless to say our large Home is one of the holiest and happiest on earth. We cannot imagine a happier home amongst people not yet perfected by the First Resurrection. The aim is to provide just a sufficiency of money for the reasonable comfort of each. And as the Eagle truly says the amount is small. But it is sufficient, and helps to insure that none will ever join the family and profess consecration "for filthy lucre's sake." Our food and home arrangements are simple and satisfactory though quite inexpensive in comparison with what the same would cost if each family [HG503] lived apart even more plainly. Our family illustrates the declaration of the Bible: "Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to live together in unity." Psa. 133:1


With everything so philanthropic and so pure, so sensible and so Scriptural, why do ministers and the Eagle and others hate you and persecute you? And does this extend to all of the family?

Yes, it extends to all, but to me more particularly. I suppose because I am the most conspicuous figure at the front. The reason is the same that led to the persecution of the Apostles and the early church and even put to death the Redeemer. Jesus explains that it is the natural hatred or opposition of Darkness to Light. The purer the Gospel ray the fiercer the opposition! Ignorance, Superstition and Selfishness are behind the persecution.

Still it is hard to understand the lack of rhyme or reason in it all. No minister of any prominent denomination would profess to believe his own Church Creed or to defend it. All fiercely denounce sectarianism and call for Christian union. Yet because I show up the errors which they no longer believe they are angry with me.

Knowing their doctrinal weakness they dare not contradict me fairly, but content themselves with saying, Pastor Russell is a heretic; he is emptying our churches, and causing a falling off of our revenues. Then they use the cowardly weapons of slander, misrepresentation, etc.


They are quite mistaken regarding the source of their troubles. The falling off of church attendance and their financial stringency has been progressing for thirty years. Their own preaching has done it. Their colleges and seminaries have been teaching Evolution and their Higher Criticism has been undermining all faith in the Bible, until now these things are in the Sunday School Lessons as well as in the Public School Books.

Thus many of the Preachers and their people have lost all confidence in the Bible as God's Message. The people find no spiritual nourishment in the story that Adam and Eve had monkey parents-that they never were in God's Image, never fell from it, and never needed to be redeemed. The people, more honest than the preachers, are too honest to pretend a religion which they do not feel and therefore carry their pickles and dimes to the Moving Picture Theatres and feel that they are spending them more honestly.

Alas! Our wealthy and learned men are destroying the very faith necessary to the preservation of Society; and Anarchy is threatening the whole civilized world. A Socialism without the Bible will soon mean a Godless Socialism and that means Anarchy. Surely the wisdom of the wise seems to have perished as the Bible foretold. Isa. 29:13, 14


This was our reporter's final query. Pastor Russell replied frankly: The Eagle and all the preachers who are my enemies say that I am. And I must concede that they have some excuse for so concluding. I presume they judge me by themselves. If they were in my place they feel sure they would be proud and conceited if they had invitations from all over the world-if they had written books which in twelve languages are in nearly four million homes-if their weekly sermons were being regularly published in twelve hundred Newspapers in America and Great Britain.

But no one realizes more than do I my unworthiness of such success and popularity. God's providence has favored my humble efforts! I am as much astonished as my enemies" It is the Message and not the Messenger that is great.

It is God's Message, not mine. As foretold it is "Good tidings of great joy for all people."

As for publicity; A Newspaper Syndicate handles my sermons which I supply to them free-glad to have their assistance in reaching twelve million readers weekly.

They see to it that I am well advertised and boomed. I merely submit for the sake of the cause.


As is generally known Pastor Russell was chosen as a member of the Committee for the investigation of Foreign Missions. The other members of the Committee are Dr. L. W. Jones, of Chicago; General Hall, of the U. S. Army; Mr. Pyles, of Washington, D. C.; Mr. Kuchn, of Toledo, O.; Prof. Robison, of New York, and Mr. Maxwell, of Mansfield, O.

The Committee met at the Waldorf Hotel, New York, in September last and outlined its work and elected Pastor Russell its Chairman. Pastor Russell started on the tour December 3rd and was joined by other members of the Committee at Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Dallas, Texas. Pastor Russell has promised to be back March 31st next-however long the others of the Committee may prolong their stay. It is understood that arrangements are under way for a mass meeting at the Hippodrome on Sunday afternoon, March 31st, to hear a report of the Committee.



"How little mankind figures in the scheme of nature is shown by a rather morose calculation of the Italian Professor Zuccarini, who has figured out, among other things, that estimating the world's population as 1,500,000,000 the whole human race at present living could stand comfortably shoulder to shoulder in an area of 500 square miles.

"Taking the number of generations in the past 6,000 years as 200, the room taken up by them all on the above plan would be only half the size of Germany, or for the sake of comparison, less than the area of the state of Colorado. To bury all the people on earth would need a graveyard little larger than that area.

"If the dust left by each body be estimated at one tenth cubic yard, which is a liberal estimate, it would cover only forty square miles to a depth of about three feet. This certainly seems insignificant compared with the great coral reefs and other immense deposits built up by the shells of tiny infusoria." New York Sun


Germany with a population of 55,000,000, has 80 centenarians, one in 700,000 of its population; England, with a population of 28,000,000, has 146, one in 200,000; France, with a population of 40,000,000, has 213, one in 200,000; Spain, with a population of 18,000, has 410, one in 45,000; the United States, with a population of 90,000,000, has 3,000, one in 25,000; while Bulgaria, with a population of less than 4,000,000, has 3,883 centenarians, or one to the thousand.

The race is losing its stamina in proportion as it becomes civilized. Bulgaria is a civilized nation, but fortunately the people of that country have clung tenaciously to the habits of their ancestors, and still subsist on the same simple fare as did the hardy natives of their mountains a thousand years ago.

Yoghurt is still their national dish. This preparation, according to the researches of Tissier, Grigoroff, Metchnikoff and others, contains the friendly bacteria which are capable of driving out of the intestines the disease-producing germs which, by producing putrefaction and other changes in the food, generate poisons which harden the arteries and thus produce premature old age. Good Health


Dr. Krausse of Berlin, a military surgeon, has provoked widespread astonishment by his statement, bristling with statistics, that cases of lunacy in the German army and navy have doubled in the last twenty years.

"Dr. Krausse says that in the army the increase is due to the enormously greater demand on soldiers' brains and simultaneously on their physical em durance. In the navy it is due to the rapid changes in the climate during long voyages, to excessive heat and the mental work required in modern naval warfare.

"Five in a hundred of the German troops fighting the natives in southeast Africa suffer from mental collapse, the highest percentage ever known." New York World


"Waking as if from a long dream, John William Exline, whose mind was made blank by an explosion forty years ago, is now trying to reconcile present day conditions with the world as he remembers it.

"Forty years ago Exline was a sawyer in a mill at Findlay, O. An explosion wrecked the mill and injured all of the employees. Exline was hurled many feet, picked up unconscious, and after hovering many days between life and death, recovered from bodily ailments, but was mentally deranged.

"Now his mind has cleared and he is dazzled and amazed by telephones, automobiles and aeroplanes. To him all three are almost beyond belief. His astonishment is childlike." New York World



This article can be found in its entirety in the Newspaper Sermons, entitled, "False Theories of Divine Plan"


This article can be found in its entirety an the Newspaper Sermons, entitled, "The True Import of Baptism."

REV. HUNTLEY'S BAPTIST VIEWS Reply by Pastor Russell

Asked if he had seen the Reverend Huntley's Views on Baptism Pastor Russell replied as follows: Yes, I noticed the Reverend gentleman's statement. His presentation of Baptism followed my lines quite well. I am glad of it. He merely corroborated my declaration that "remarkably few Baptists of today could or do stand by their theory if put to the test." This I mentioned as complimentary to Baptists-as indicating that they, like the remainder of Christendom, are in advance of their creeds formulated in the darker period. But now to be frank, I must say something less complimentary and that is that the Baptists who hold the more advanced, enlightened views are quite in the minority and to be found chiefly in the large cities of the North. The majority of Baptists in the South style themselves "hard shells" and will not give an inch. I never attack Christian men and women, but respect the religious liberties of all. I do attack the God-dishonoring creeds of the Dark Ages which so confused our forefathers as to lead them to persecute one another, even to burning at the stake. Yet even in attacking those creeds which have so long and so injuriously divided the one Church of the Living God into six hundred sects, I always adhere to the Truth and prefer to understate rather than to exaggerate.

I will cite you to Baptist authorities on the subject of Baptism and Church membership-not, however, with a view to proving what the more advanced Baptists of today believe, but to prove that they are advanced and that their creeds need revision so as to agree more nearly with the views of advanced Baptists.

The Reverend Huntley is quoted as declaring that the "Baptist Church is an entirely different thing from the Church of the Living God whose names are written in heaven." This is exactly what I hold, namely, that the Baptist Church is not the Church, but merely one of the many sects, each of which used to claim to be the Church and used to roast each other as heretics. Baptists generally are not so frank. They generally claim that there is only one true Church of Christ, entered by the door of water immersion. Now compare this with the quotation from "The Star Book on Baptist Polity." It declares, "A Church is the body of Christ in its relation to Him as the Head." It is the "spiritual temple," as being composed of spirit or regenerated members, thus distinguished from all worldly "organizations." (Page 28)

"Persons may become members of the Church by Baptism." (Page 36)

"No person can properly be received into membership in the Church unless having thus been baptised; and as baptism must precede actual Church membership, so it must precede all privileges of Church membership." (Page 31)

We quote from a Baptist standard publication "A Catechism of Bible Teaching," as follows:" Why ought Baptists not to take the Lord's Supper with believers of other denominations?" Answer, "Because we think they have not been baptised." (Page 34)

"The action performed in Christian Baptism is immersion in water." (Page 32)

"Can there be Christian Baptism without immersion?" Answer, "No." (Page 33)

What do these statements mean, if they do not signify that Baptism is the door into the "spiritual [HG506] temple" as distinguished from all worldly organizations and that only water immersion is Baptism? Now let us see respecting the fate of believers and unbelievers-the Church, the spiritual temple, entered by water Baptism, as in contradistinction to others not thus saved.

We quote as follows from the "Baptist Catechism," answer No. 41: "At the resurrection believers (above explained to be immersed persons) being raised up in glory shall be openly acknowledged and acquitted."

Answer No. 42: "The souls of the wicked at their death shall be cast into the torments of hell."

Answer No. 43: "The bodies of the wicked being raised out of their grave shall be sentenced with their souls to unspeakable torments with the Devil and his angels forever."

As Baptist Doctrine makes no allowance for any but two classes, every human being is to be expected to share one or the other of these described fates. The blissful estate is for the saintly, immersed Baptist and, so far as the statement shows, for no others. All others, therefore, appear to be treated under the head of wicked-disobedient neglecters of immersion at least. That Baptists do not recognize the unimmersed Christians as being of the Church of Christ is manifest from their refusal to partake with them of the Lord's Supper, which they recognize as being only for the true Church, the "spiritual temple."

The Rev. Huntley has stolen a march on his Baptist friends by declaring the Baptist Church merely one of a number of sects and not the "spiritual temple" of "The Star Book of Baptist Church Polity." (Page 28)

It is for this reason that we declare that the Reverend gentleman has come over to our position on the subject of immersion. Evidently he now sees as we teach, not as Baptists generally see-that the saintly people of all denominations will in glory constitute the Bride, the Lamb's Wife and joint-heir in Christ's Kingdom. It is our hope also that the gentleman may ultimately see that the glorified Messiah and His Bride are to reign for a thousand years for the blessing, uplifting and restoration to human perfection of whosoever will of the non-elect world.


This article was republished in Reprint 4842, June 15, 1914, under the title of "The Robe of Christ's Righteousness."



That there are 2, 000 pastorless churches in the Presbyterian denomination was the assertion made by Dr. Joseph Wilson Cochran, secretary of the board of education, to the general assembly at Louisville, Ky.

"We are gaining barely enough men to supply the church," he said. "In calling for more men we are calling for heroes who must face starvation wages."


What is the state of the church? Does it stand foursquare against the introductions of the world? Parents have no time to teach their children. Families do without morning prayer. Why does not the church demand that the standards of the church should not be lowered? We are living the life of heathen. The worship is materialism and commercialism. Are we going to let the church sink to these low levels, or are we going to devise some means whereby the worship of God shall be established for every day? – Hon. S. H. Blake at the Anglican Synod.

Editor of Age Herald, Birmingham, Ala.

"I note there is a strenuous opposition to the 'Scripture Studies' as promulgated by Pastor Russell of Brooklyn, N. Y., and that this opposition has become so pronounced that the Pastors' Union on various occasions has given verbal expression to their views on the subject, and that recently a movement was started [HG507] throughout the country to muzzle the press, and stop the publication of his sermons in the newspapers.

"It is evident from this that we have reached a crisis in the religious world hitherto unknown since the Dark Ages, and which I thought impossible in this enlightened Age. To hinder free thought, free speech, free investigation and the publication of religious truth, is the most daring venture I have ever known ministers of the Gospel to make.

"Rather than to take the step of stopping the mouth of one of God's humble servants who is earnestly setting forth his views on the Bible, I would suffer my arm severed from my body, yea, my head. Remember what Jesus said about offending one of His little ones who believes on Him: 'And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in Me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were cast into the sea.' (Mark 9:42) Why do they not meet Mr. Russell in the forum and from their pulpits combat his teaching by the Scripture? Are they not able to meet him? Does he not support every argument and every thought presented, by Scripture?

"Again, why do they not rest their case in the hands of God like the wise Gamaliel did in the days of the Apostles, when Peter and others were on trial? Gamaliel rose up in the council and said: 'Refrain from these men, and let them alone, for if this work be of men, it will come to naught, but if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it, for you fight against God.' "In some places Mr. Russell's books have been collected and burned in the streets, with the result that his books multiplied many fold in those places. God will take a hand in this fight as sure as we live. Beware! I warn them that the more thoughtful among them may not bring condemnation upon themselves.

"There is already widespread discontent. Somehow our people are feeling after God and looking around for spiritual food more substantial than they have been feeding upon. Let them look. Let them search for Truth wherever it may be found. Our people are intelligent and able to think for themselves and will do it. All can read, and have Bibles and other books explaining the Bible, or can get them if desired. When leaders of churches unite to force people to accept or reject creeds according to their views by restraining the liberty of speech and the liberty of the press, to prevent the publication of doctrines of the Bible according to other men's views, they have departed from the rational idea of dealing with the subject, and we cannot hold with them. S. A. Ellis


For centuries the Negro Question has provoked much discussion. To the worldly-wise the problem seems nearer a solution now than at the beginning. Some have resorted to the Bible in an effort to establish their contention that the negro is a "brute beast," therefore not the object of Divine favor, but foreordained slave of man, with rights equal only to other beasts of the field. These arguments, claimed to be based on Scriptures, we here examine:


Advocates of the "beast" theory insist that Cain married a black beast, a negress, and for this cause he was a sinner, and therefore his sacrifice was not acceptable to God, Gen. 4:7 being cited in proof of this contention. In our common version this Scripture reads, "If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him." And even this translation is so twisted as to make it read, "Unto thee shall be her desire and you shall rule over her (the negress, his wife)."

Such is scarcely worthy to be dignified as an argument.

The facts are, Cain and Abel brought to the Lord their offerings; for sacrifice Abel bringing an animal, Cain the fruits of the ground. There is nothing said about Cain's offering being a sin, nor that it was even wrong on his part to bring such an offering. The first mention of his sin was his jealousy, which led to the murder of his brother. Adam and all his race were under the condemnation of death and the Lord desired to teach men that this sentence could be [HG508] removed only through the shedding of blood. By the sacrifice of animals God instituted types, foreshadowing that the death sentence of man could and would be removed only by the Great Sacrifice for sin, the blood of Jesus. The fruit of the field could not represent such sacrifice, hence was not acceptable to God. The sacrifice of the live animal typified the Great Sacrifice, hence was acceptable to Jehovah.

God was demonstrating to Cain and Abel what was acceptable to Him, and had Cain been in the proper attitude of heart he would have learned the lesson, and would then have brought an animal for an offering. But instead he became angry with his brother, and because of his anger, God rebuked him in these words (Leeser translation), "If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well [now that you know what would be acceptable to Me as a sacrifice], sin lieth at the door and unto thee is its desire; but thou canst rule over it" (you can get the victory over this wrong attitude of mind if you desire). Cain failed to learn the lesson, and continued in the wrong attitude of heart until the murder of his brother resulted.

At this time Cain had no wife and therefore his sin could not have referred to her.

Later he went and dwelt in the land of Nod, east of Eden, and there he married, undoubtedly, his own sister. Such was the custom of early times, and it could not have been otherwise, since there were no other human beings on the earth.

The Bible shows that it was not a sin in the sight of God for a white man to marry a negress. Note the fact that Moses married a negress, and had children by her.

Had this been a sin on Moses' part he would have been rejected from Divine favor. On the contrary, after his marriage, Moses was chosen to be the representative and leader of God's people out of Egyptian bondage, and it is declared of him in the Scriptures that God made him the head of the house of servants, the nation of Israel, as a type of the Great Head of the house of sons, Jesus Christ. To show that God was not displeased with Moses marrying a negress, when his sister Miriam upbraided him for his marriage to the negress the Lord defended him and smote Miriam with a plague of leprosy as a punishment for her improper conduct.

The Bible shows that God has manifested His favor toward the negro. For instance, Zipporah was an Ethiopian, Ebed-Melech was also an Ethiopian, one of Zedekiah's household, and very zealous for Jeremiah, the Lord's Prophet, and was specially honored by the Prophet.

The eunuch to whom Philip was sent with the message of salvation was unquestionably an Ethiopian. (Jer. 13:23; Acts 8:27) Philip nowhere intimates that this Ethiopian was a beast and not a man, but on the contrary, Philip was ready to preach the Gospel to him and to accept him as a brother in Christ upon his confession of faith.

The great weight of evidence is to the effect that the Queen of Sheba was a negress and Solomon is presumed to have referred to her in Cant. 1:5, 6.

Coming down to more modern times, we note that the Emperor of Abyssinia claims to be a descendant of the Queen of Sheba. He is a negro, yet an able warrior and general, successfully defeating the Italian army a few years ago.

It is further argued that in John 3:8 the word "beast" refers to the negro, because it says that both "man and beast" were commanded to wear sackcloth as a sign of humiliation before God, and that it would be inappropriate for cattle and sheep to wear sackcloth. This argument loses all of its force, however, when we read in the preceding verse, "Let neither man nor beast, herd nor flock, taste anything, let them not feed nor drink water." Thus we see that it was commanded that the brute beast should participate in this fast before God.

We are confronted with a Scripture, Exo. 19:13, which reads, "There shall not an hand touch it.... whether it be beast or man." It is insisted that the beasts of the field have not hands and therefore the "beasts" here refers to the negro. This argument is without weight when we observe that the Hebrew word used, here translated "hand," is "yad." The Hebrews used the same word for "paw." For instance, 1 Sam. 17:37, we read, "The paw [tyad] of the lion and the paw of the bear."

The inspired witness of the Lord settles this question beyond doubt when he says (Acts 17:26), "God hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth."

The beast of the field God created without moral sense, but of man it is written, "God created man in His own image." (Gen. 1:27) God endowed man with reasoning faculties, the sense of justice, of right and wrong. This endowment He did not give to the brute beast, and yet we know from experience that the negro possesses these Godlike qualities.


It is argued that those negroes who show a development of moral sense, intellectual power and ability, are only those who are offspring from a union between the white man and the negro.

The facts are exactly to the contrary. If the negro is a brute beast, then it would be impossible, as [HG509] demonstrated by scientific experiments, for the offspring above mentioned to propagate its own species. The great Creator has so fixed the boundaries and limitations that it is impossible for different species to intermingle. For instance, a cross-breed of a horse and a donkey, a dog and a cat, cannot be secured with powers of propagation. It follows, therefore, that if the negro is a brute beast the offspring resulting from the cohabitation of a white man with a negress would not be capable of propagation. This scientific demonstration cannot be set aside by any amount of sophistry or theorizing. In this respect science and the Bible are in perfect harmony.

The Scriptures teach that Adam was the original head of the human family. Later, all except Noah and his family were destroyed in the great Flood. From that time Noah is recognized as the head of the different nations of the earth.

Prior to the flood there was no rainfall. After the flood there was a great climatic change which caused fermentation, before unknown, a change which Noah learned by actual experience. The atmospheric changes caused the grape juice to ferment, producing alcohol. Noah, not knowing this, drank freely and became intoxicated. Prior to the flood climatic conditions were the same all over the earth.

After the flood the climate was different in many parts of the earth. A change in the climate that would cause fermentation would evidently have an effect upon the color of the skin and the complexion of the human race. This would vary in different parts of the earth.


It is generally conceded that Noah's son, Ham, went southward, locating in Africa. The strong rays of the sun would evidently affect the complexion of his offspring. We read that afterwards Ham had a son whom he named Kush. The word Kush means black, and it is very probable that he was so named because of his color, and that he was the first black man. In harmony with this we find that the black race comes from Africa. Shem, another son of Noah, remained near the Mediterranean Sea, and from him sprung the millions of Armenia, Persia, Assyria and Egypt. The other son, Japheth, went northward, and his offspring populated Turkey, Russia and Europe. Undoubtedly the climate and soil had much to do with the difference of offspring of these three sons. This is well illustrated in the vegetable family. For instance, the apple, which reaches so great a degree of perfection in a cold climate, if transferred to a warm one, will soon die out entirely and produce no fruit. The same is noticeable if the tropical fruits are transferred to a cold climate.

All are agreed that dogs are of one general family, and yet we find that locality, climate and the kind of food subsisted upon has much to do with the differences in these animals. The same principle applies to the human race; therefore we explain that the differences of color are the result of the climatic conditions, soil and environment.

In considering this question we are not to forget the strong pre-natal influence of the mother's mind upon her offspring, co-operating with the influences of the climate and soil. Suppose, to illustrate, a man and wife should go from North America to China. Not only would the influence of the climate and soil be manifest upon themselves, but the same would be still more manifest in the children, and each succeeding child born in that condition would increasingly resemble the Chinese. How often have we noticed that the offspring of parents who come from Austria or Germany and reside in North America soon lose the characteristics of the Austrian and the German and take on those of the American.

There is a suggestion in the Bible illustrating this point, as noted in the Song of Solomon 1:6, where it is supposed the Queen of Sheba, who, as we have heretofore noted, was a negress, speaking to the King, says, "Look not upon me because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me" (that is to say, the sun hath made me black).


From the foregoing Bible testimony the reasonable mind must conclude that the negro is a human being; and since the Apostle declares to us that "God made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on the face of the earth," and since we read in the Scriptures that Adam was the father of the human race, we are able to reach a definite conclusion as to why the negro as a race has been and is much degraded. The reason thereof is: God made Adam a perfect man, mentally, morally and physically, and gave him the right to live in happiness and peace so long as he obeyed God's Law. Adam was clearly informed that a violation of God's Law would result in death. (Gen. 2:17) Adam violated God's Law, and the sentence of death was passed upon him, taking from him the right to live and the right to the enjoyment of the perfection and blessings of Eden. God sent him forth into the unfinished earth, there to battle with the elements, to feed upon the less nourishing foods the earth produced, and thereby to gradually suffer the penalty of death. (Gen. 3:17-24) [HG510] Eden was the only perfect place in the earth; all other parts were in an unfinished condition. By Adam's disobedience he lost access to Eden, hence suffered the natural results of earning his bread in the sweat of his face and of eating the poisonous foods of the unprepared earth.

God had given Adam the power to propagate his own species, therefore, this penalty of death pursued the spark of life transmitted by Adam to his offspring, and as a natural result all of his children were born under the condemnation of death. In proof of this we read (Rom. 5:12), "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned."


Those who argue that the negro is a beast and not a man, say, a negro has no soul and therefore there is no future life for him. To this we answer, Neither has a white man. A soul is a sentient being. Man himself is a soul; but he does not possess a soul. Concerning man we read, "God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul." Gen. 2:7

Thus we see that the soul is that which results from the union of the breath of life with the body, or organism. The dust out of which God made man was not conscious, the breath of life was not conscious, but when God had formed the organism and breathed into the nostrils the breath of life, a soul was the result; namely, a conscious being, a creature, a man. It was the man (soul) to whom God said, If you violate My Law you shall die. It was the soul (the man) that disobeyed Jehovah; it was the soul (the man) that was sentenced to death and that actually died. The Scriptures declare, "The soul that sinneth it shall die." (Eze. 18:4) Again we read, "What man is he that liveth and shall not see death? Shall he deliver his soul from the hand of the grave?" Psa. 89:48

The Scriptures nowhere teach that man has an undying, or immortal, soul. The expression, "immortal soul," is nowhere found in the Bible. All souls-that is to say, all breathing creatures-die alike. There is no difference between the death of man and the death of a beast, and in death man has no preeminence above the beast; as we read, "For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them; as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no pre-eminence above a beast." Eccl. 3:19

Whether the negro is a man or a beast we see there is no difference in his death and the death of any other creature. But the Bible clearly shows that the negro is not a beast, but a man, a soul, a being, subject to death, and that he came, in common with all men, under the sentence of death by virtue of the disobedience of Father Adam. God created no creature with the quality of immortality, that is to say, indestructibility. Originally God alone was immortal; as we read, "He only hath immortality, dwelling in light which no man can approach unto. "(1 Tim. 6:16) But this immortality He has promised to certain other creatures conditionally, as we shall discuss later.


Adam was legally dead from the moment he was sentenced to death and driven out of Eden. The execution of the judgment of death began at that time and was completed in the actual death of Adam 930 years later. The direct offspring of Adam were begotten and born within that period of time and hence all "were conceived in sin, and brought forth in iniquity." (Psa. 51:5) Since we see that in death man has no pre-eminence above the beast, it follows conclusively that in death the white man has no preeminence above the negro. The Scriptures declare, "All go unto one place, all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again." (Eccl. 3:19, 20) It follows, then, that the white man and the black man in death occupy exactly the same position.

Some erroneously conclude that when man dies the body alone returns to the dust and the soul lives on, and in support of this erroneous position they cite and misinterpret the following Scripture:" Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was, and the spirit return unto God who gave it." (Eccl. 12:7) The word here translated "spirit" is not synonymous with the word soul, but is from the same Hebrew word translated "Breath of lives," and means the life principle, or right to live, which God gave to Adam, and which Adam forfeited by his disobedience, and actually lost at the time of his death. At death the body returns to the dust; the spirit, the breath of life, returns to God; therefore the soul, the moving, breathing creature, the man, ceases to exist, and goes into the condition of death. Hence, with propriety, we say that at death the man, the soul, goes to hell; not to a place of torment, nor fire and brimstone, but the Bible hell, which means the death condition.


The Hebrew word "sheol" is the only word in the Old Testament that is translated into the English word "hell." It nowhere means a condition of torment, but [HG511] in every instance means the condition of death, nonexistence. In proof of this we cite some Scriptures where the word is used. "Oh, that Thou wouldst hide me in sheol [the grave] until Thy wrath be passed." Job 14:13) "If I wait, sheol [the grave] is mine house; I have made my bed in the darkness. "Job 17:13 This word "sheol" in our common version is translated "grave" more times than it is translated "hell." It means the same in every instance, namely, the condition of death. In that condition there is no consciousness, there is no knowledge; as we read, "In death there is no remembrance of Thee; in the grave ['sheol'], who shall give Thee thanks?" (Psa. 6:5); and again, "The living know that they shall die, but the dead know not anything." "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave ['sheol'] whither thou goest." Eccl. 9:5, 10 In the New Testament we find three words translated "hell," according to our common version of the Bible. The original manuscript is in the Greek language, and the Greek words "hades," "gehenna" and "tartaroo" are translated into the English word "hell." "Hades" in the Greek has the same meaning as "sheol" in the Hebrew, both meaning the condition of death, oblivion, the grave. The Apostle Peter, quoting from Psa. 16:10, wherein the word "sheol" is translated "hell," says, "Thou wilt not leave My soul in hell [hades]; neither wilt Thou suffer Thine Holy One to see corruption." (Acts 2:27) He then proceeds to explain that the Prophet, as recorded in the Psalm, spoke concerning the resurrection of Jesus Christ, that "His soul was not left in "hades" ["sheol," the death condition], neither did His flesh see corruption." Acts 2:31 The Greek word "gehenna," translated in our authorized version "hell," likewise refers to the condition of death, destruction. It was the classical Greek manner of expressing the Hebrew phrase, "the valley of Hinnom," which valley, located just outside the walls of the city of Jerusalem, was used by the Jews as a place for destroying the offal of the city. Into it were cast the bodies of dead animals, and sometimes the bodies of criminals, but in no instance were live creatures cast into this valley. In casting bodies over the precipice one might lodge on a projection of the rocks from the edge thereof, and therefore not reach the bottom of the valley.

A body thus lodged would be consumed by worms and the one reaching the bottom of the valley would be consumed by the fire kept burning for that purpose.

Thus the valley represented a place of complete destruction. Jesus defined it as a place of destruction, and not a place of torment, when He said, "Fear not them which can kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear Him (God) who is able to destroy both soul and body in "gehenna." (Matt. 10:28) Here Jesus was speaking to His disciples and used plain language. On the contrary, when He spoke to the multitude, He always employed a parable. (Matt. 13:34) On another occasion He used this same word in addressing the multitude, and in accordance with the invariable rule, used it in a parabolic sense, when He said, "If shine eye offend thee, pluck it out; it is better for thee to enter into the Kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hellfire ['gehenna' fire], where the worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched." (Mark 9:47, 48) On this occasion He was showing the Jews, who were rejecting Him, that it was better for them to part with anything, even though it were as dear as an eye, than to be destroyed in "gehenna"-the worm and the fire both symbolizing destruction.

The Greek word "tartaroo" occurs but once in the Scriptures, and is translated "hell." It is found in 2 Pet. 2:4, which reads thus:" God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to 'hell' ['tartaroo'], and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment."

As this has to do with certain angels that sinned, and not with humanity, and since there are many today more or less under the influence of Demonism-Spiritism-we will send further information upon postcard request.

"Hades" represents a condition of death from which God has promised a resurrection. "Gehenna" represents a condition of death from which there will be no resurrection. But in no instance does either of these words represent a state of conscious torment. The negro being a descendant of Father Adam and coming under the judgment of death passed upon Adam, passes at death into exactly the same condition as that occupied by all other members of the Adamic race, and is, therefore, subject to the same Divine laws relative to Adam's race. "All in Adam die." (1 Cor. 15:22) "By one man [Adam] sin entered into the world, and death by sin, and so death [sentence] passed upon all." Rom. 5:12


Has God made provision for the salvation of man from death, and if so does this provision include the negro?

The sentence of death passed upon Father Adam, is not subject to reversal; it cannot be reversed, [HG512] because "God cannot deny Himself;" "it is impossible for God to lie." Having sentenced man to death on account of disobedience to His Law, Justice demands that man shall be held in death. However, while God could not consistently reverse His own judgment, He could make a provision in His Law for the satisfaction of that judgment-that is to say, He could provide that another meet the requirements of the Law in place of Adam, and thereby release Adam and his offspring from the sentence of death; and if such provision is made, of necessity it must include all of Adam's race, the negro as well as the white. Before the foundation of the world God made provision in His Plan that mankind should be redeemed from the condition of death and ultimately be delivered from the baneful effects of sin.

The angels of heaven, beholding the condition of man resulting from sin, came to earth for the purpose of attempting to uplift humankind, but, departing from their first estate, and assuming human form, some invaded the sanctity of Adam's family, debauched the human race and turned all of their thoughts and conduct into channels of wickedness-Noah and his family alone being free from their baneful influence. "Noah was a just man, and perfect in his generation." Gen. 6:9 The great deluge followed, in which only Noah and his household were preserved.

After the great flood, man again began to multiply and fill the earth. Nearly two thousand years had passed since God drove Adam from Eden. The burdens of sin fell heavily upon his offspring with no tangible hope of relief. Then it was that God called upon Abraham and said, "I will bless thee and make thee a blessing, and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed." (Gen. 12:2, 3) Having strong faith in this promise, Abraham gave glory to God, patiently waiting for the time when this promised blessing should come. Yet it came not in his time.

Abraham slept with his fathers, not having received the fulfillment of the promise.

The promise was then given to Abraham's offspring, Isaac, and later to Jacob.

These also passed into death, not having received the fulfillment of the promise.

God established the House of Servants, viz., the Jewish nation, to whom He renewed the promise time and again through the mouth of the holy Prophets. With this nation He made a Covenant, and as part of and incidental to said Covenant, He provided for annual sacrifices of animals, the shedding of whose blood foretold in type that there should come the Great Sacrificer, who, by His own blood, would redeem Adam and his race from the sentence of death. Two thousand years more passed away. Men continued to fight the battles of life, suffering bodily pain and mental anguish.


But the Jews had faith in the promise that the Great Deliverer would come, and, as it is written, at the time of the birth of Jesus, the whole world was looking for the coming of a great king. The birth of this Mighty One was heralded by the messengers of God who declared unto the shepherds, "Behold, we bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be unto all people; for unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord." (Luke 2:911) Of this Mighty One it had been prophetically written in the Scriptures, "For unto us a Child is born; unto us a Son is given, and the Government shall be upon His shoulder, and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace." Isa. 9:6\ The Babe, Jesus, in due time grew to manhood, attained His legal maturity and entered upon the mission for which He had come to earth. The majority of the Jewish nation rejected Him and denounced Him as an impostor, even as it had been foretold. (Isa. 53:3) But the devout Jews believed that He would set up an earthly kingdom, and so, in due time, when He rode into Jerusalem and presented Himself as their King, they hailed Him with glad hosannas and proclaimed Him to be their King.

They understood not, as indeed they could not understand at the time, that Adam's race must first be redeemed from the death sentence before a King could be raised to bless them; and when Jesus was crucified upon the cross His followers scattered and fled, their hopes being dashed to pieces. In due time God raised Jesus from the dead. Jesus appeared to His disciples, instructing them to wait at Jerusalem until they were endued with the Holy Spirit, and then they should know of God's great Plan. At Pentecost man for the first time knew the real purpose of the coming of Jesus to earth, and the object of His death and resurrection. The faithful ones who had consecrated their lives to follow Him, now receiving the Holy Spirit, their minds were illuminated, God making known unto them the deep things of His Plan. This is in harmony with the Master's words respecting the necessity of His departure. See John 16:7-13.


Satan, the mighty Adversary, seduced Mother Eve, causing her to disobey God.

Adam, knowing the penalty, voluntarily became party to the transgression and therefore came under the sentence of death. Satan [HG513] thus told the first lie when he said to Mother Eve, "Ye shall not surely die" (Gen. 3:4); and by this means became the murderer of the human race, as Jesus declares in John 8:44.

For four thousand years following, man suffered and groaned under the great load of sin and death, of which Satan was the author. The Apostle declares, therefore, that "Jesus partook of flesh and blood [became man], that He through death might destroy him [Satan] that hath the power of death." (Heb. 2:14) Jesus himself declares, "The thief cometh not but to steal and to kill and to destroy; I am come that they [mankind] might have life, and have it more abundantly." John 10:10 Therefore, in harmony with God's Law, in order for man to obtain life, Jesus must lay down His own pure, holy, human life, that which corresponded exactly to Adam's prior to his sin. When Jesus was thirty years of age, the time had arrived for the great Anti-typical Sacrifice, foreshadowed by the sacrifice of animals, to be offered up. At Jordan, Jesus presented Himself to the Heavenly Father, and became that Great Sacrifice. Three and a half years after we behold Him dying upon the cross. Three days later he was raised from the dead, and forty days thereafter Jesus ascended into the presence of Jehovah, there to apply the merit of His Sacrifice, and to open the way for man to return to God and receive life everlasting.


Now the question arises, For whom did Jesus die, for the white man alone, or is the negro also to receive the benefit of the Ransom? The Apostle answers this question, "Jesus Christ, by the grace of God, tasted death for every man." (Heb. 2:9) And again, "He gave himself a Ransom for all, to be testified in due time." (1 Tim. 2:6) If, therefore, the negro is a descendant of Adam, it follows beyond question that he, in due time, must with every other man, receive the benefits of the great Ransom-price provided by the Lord Jesus Christ. The provision made for the salvation of Adam's race must of necessity include the negro also.


God's Plan is yet a Mystery to the world. It first became known to mankind at Pentecost; and from time to time throughout the Gospel Age clearer light has been shed thereon. The Seed of Abraham, according to the promise, the Apostle Paul declares, is The Christ, the Anointed, and this Christ is composed of Jesus the Head, and the Church, the members of His Body, whom God has been electing, or selecting, throughout the Gospel Age.

All those who are to become of this class must first be justified by faith in the merit of Christ's sacrifice, and then present themselves in full consecration to God, be accepted of Him and begotten by His Spirit. Their begetting, therefore, is as New Creatures, and, from God's standpoint, they cease to be men, but become New Creatures in Christ Jesus, to which class the promise is given that if they continue faithful followers in the footsteps of Jesus unto death, they shall be partakers of his glory, honor, and immortality, become sharers with Him in His glorious reign for the blessing of all the families of the earth. They are otherwise designated in the Scriptures as God's Elect, who shall have part in the First, or Chief Resurrection. Gal. 3:16, 27, 29; 1 Pet. 1:1-4; Rev. 20:6; 3:21

Is it possible for the negro to be accepted and made part of this class in glory? The Apostle answers the question in these words, "There is neither Jew nor Greek, neither bond nor free, neither male nor female, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus; and if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's Seed and heirs according to the promise." (Gal. 3:28, 29) This Seed is to be the instrument through which the blessing is to flow to all the nations of earth, and God has declared that He is selecting these out of "every tongue and people and nation, and hath made us unto God, Kings and Priests, and we shall reign on the earth." Rev. 5:9, 10 History bears evidence to the fact that throughout the Gospel Age there have been a few of the negro race who have devoutly followed in the footsteps of the Master, and today we have some who give every evidence of full consecration to the Lord, faithfully following the leading of the Great Master. In Messiah's great Kingdom the glorified members of the Body of Christ, which is the Church, will not be like either the white or the black man, no longer flesh and blood; as the Apostle declares, "It cloth not yet appear what we [the Church] shall be, but we do know that when He shall appear we shall be like Him." 1 John 3:2; Philip. 3:21; 1 Cor. 15:50, 53, 54


Every effort made for the uplift of the negro race is commendable, and should have the sympathy of all honest men. Such efforts, however, are like the man trying to lift himself by his own bootstraps-all such must fail. Messiah's reign of righteousness is the only panacea for all the ills to which humankind is heir.

When God's Elect class has been completed and glorified with the Head, Jesus Christ, then will the Kingdom of Heaven be established; then will the Government be upon Messiah's shoulder; then will be [HG514] the time of blessing all the families of the earth, according to the promise made to Abraham. Speaking of that glorious reign of Messiah, St. Peter says:" Times of Refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord; and He shall send Jesus Christ, who was before preached unto you, whom the heavens must retain until the Titnes of Restitution of all things which God hath spoken by the mouth of all His holy Prophets since the world began." Acts 3:19-21 Sin has greatly degraded the human race, whites as well as negroes. The greater the ignorance, the farther mankind have wandered from God, the greater their degradation. That they are to have an opportunity of restoration to all that Adam lost is indeed glad tidings of great joy, and every heart shall be filled with joy that hears and obeys such glad tidings. Restoration means that a full opportunity shall be given to all of Adam's offspring, negro and white, to come back into harmony with God and to be restored to that which Adam once possessed, namely, a perfect organism, perfection of mind and heart, and have restored to him the Godlike qualities of justice, wisdom and love.

To accomplish this the dead must be raised and given a knowledge of the great truth that Jesus has purchased them from the sentence of death and opened the way for them to return to life and happiness. Jesus Himself declared, "The hour is coming in which all that are in their graves shall hear My voice and come forth, the righteous [meaning the faithful Christians] to a resurrection of life, and they who have done evil [meaning all who have not been children of God] to a resurrection of judgment." (John 5:28,29, R. V .) All the dead in hell (" Hades," the tomb, oblivion) must be brought forth and given a knowledge of the Truth. (1 Tim. 2:4) Mark well that the fall and plan of redemption apply to all mankind. All came under the condemnation of death. (Rom. 5:18) "Jesus gave Himself a Ransom for all, to be testified in due time." (1 Tim. 2:5, 6) All will be brought forth from the tomb (John 5:28) for the very purpose of having a trial for life. The Apostle declares, "God hath appointed a day, in which He will judge the world in righteousness by that Man whom He hath ordained; whereof He hath given assurance unto all men, in that He hath raised Him from the dead." Acts 17:31 There could be no judgment without a trial, and there could be no trial without knowledge, hence all-negroes included-must be brought forth from the condition of death for the purpose of being tried for life. Messiah's Kingdom will be a Kingdom of righteousness, where every man will stand equal before the Law, for God is no respecter of persons. (Acts 10:34) Then, "The loftiness of man shall be bowed down, and the haughtiness of man shall be made low; and the Lord alone shall be exalted in that day." (Isa. 2:17) There will be but one standard and that the standard of righteousness. They who obey to the best of their ability will be rewarded with progress and health, and they who refuse to obey the Messiah, after being given a knowledge of the Truth, will be destroyed from amongst the people-will go into "Gehenna," the Second Death, from which there is to be no resurrection. Acts 3:23; 2 Thess. 1:9; Rev. 20:14, 15


Messiah's Kingdom fully established, the message of glad tidings will go forth to all the families of the earth, and "The Spirit and the Bride will say 'Come,' and let him that heareth say, 'Come'; and let him that is athirst come; and whosoever will, let him take the Water of Life freely." (Rev. 22:17) This wonderful Water of Life, the Message of Truth, will be opened to every man, negroes and whites; there is to be no limitation; but the proclamation will be, "Whosoever will, let him take of the Water of Life freely." The teeming millions of earth shall hear the glad sound and respond thereto. "And the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come unto Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads; and they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away." Isa. 35:10 The Ransomed of the Lord here mentioned mean all of Adam's race. They shall return from the "land of the enemy," from the condition of death; they shall come unto Zion to the great Messiah; they shall come with songs of joy and gladness, for the time of their blessing will then be at hand; their hearts will be made glad with the knowledge of the Truth that they may obtain eternal life in a state of happiness. The Apostle declares that this glorious reign of Christ will continue until every enemy of the human race shall be destroyed, the last enemy being death. (1 Cor. 15:25, 26) That glorious Kingdom will accomplish the wiping away of all tears from all eyes, and there shall be no more sorrow, nor crying, nor pain, nor death, because the glorious reign of Messiah will result in everlasting life and blessing to all of the obedient.


At that time there will be no racial questions to solve because Messiah's Kingdom will have solved them all. At that time there will be no class distinctions nor castes, neither rich nor poor, neither high nor low, [HG515] because every man will be loving his neighbor exactly as he loves himself. The light of the glorious Truth will shine in darkest Africa as brightly as it will shine in any other part of the earth. The effulgent rays from the Sun of Righteousness will then drive away all superstition and ignorance, and the Great Deliverer will restore the obedient ones to perfection, to the image and likeness of God, as was Adam in his perfection. Is not this a glorious prospect that God has for those of mankind who will seek to know and do His will?

Let us close our eyes for a moment to the scenes of misery and woe, degradation and sorrow that yet prevail on account of sin, and picture before our mental vision the glory of a perfect earth, for the Messiah will restore even the earth to an Edenic paradise as a habitation for man. (Isa. 35:1-6 Eze. 34:26, 27) In that glorious earth restored not a stain of sin will mar the harmony and peace of perfect society; not a bitter thought, not an unkind look or word; love welling up from every heart will meet a kindred response in every other heart, and benevolence will mark every act. There sickness shall be no more; not an ache nor a pain, nor any evidence of decay; not even fear of such things. The inward purity and mental and moral perfection will stamp and glorify every radiant countenance. Such will be earth's society. There will be no strife; the race question will be fully settled; every man will be standing upon an equality before God, every man a brother to every other man, loving his brother as himself.


But we would be derelict in our duty if we failed to call attention to the dark hour that must immediately precede the ushering in of Messiah's reign of righteousness. Let no one be deceived into believing that the present kings of earth, civil, financial and ecclesiastical, will peaceably surrender their power to the Great Prince of Peace. The Divine testimony is that Satan is the god (ruler) of this present evil order of society. The mighty ones of earth, as well as those of lower degree, have imbibed his spirit of selfishness, and, being largely under Satan's control, will surrender their power only at the hands of One Mightier than they. The great development in recent years in invention and education has not tended to lessen the chances of a conflict, but rather enhanced the same.

In the time of greatest prosperity known to the human race, in the time of the greatest enlightenment man has yet experienced, the nations of earth have armed themselves to the teeth, and are today standing with hand upon sword-hilt ready to fly at each other's throats. During the past quarter of a century the nations have become more intimately acquainted with each other, until today every civilized nation of earth is within easy communication with every other nation by the use of the cable and the telegraph. Each nation has its representative in every other nation. By these means the nations of earth are assembled as they have never been in times past.

Writing prophetically of this time, the Lord's inspired witness said, "Wait ye upon Me, saith the Lord, until the day that I shall rise up to the prey; for My determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them Mine indignation, even all My fierce anger, for all the earth [social order-governments] shall be devoured by the fire of My jealousy." (Zeph. 3:8)

Referring to the same time the Prophet in another place says, "And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great Prince that standeth for the children of Thy people, and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation, even to that same time." Dan. 12:1

What part will the negro question play in this great controversy? We cannot state with exactness, but reaching a conclusion in the light of the Scriptures, and in view of conditions as they exist today, the race question will evidently have its part in this mighty conflict. The great Adversary, who caused the fall of our first parents, he who has blinded the minds of men to the glorious Message of God (2 Cor. 4:3, 4) throughout the whole Age, is diligently seeking to stir up strife between the negroes and the whites, which can result in no good to either.


From the foregoing Scriptures it must be clear to the reasonable and thoughtful mind that the solution of this great question lies only in the establishment of Messiah's Kingdom of righteousness. At that time, as it is written, "Judgment also will I lay to the line and righteousness to the plummet." (Isa. 28:17) "And righteousness shall be the girdle of His loins." (Isa. 11:5) Such a reign of righteousness alone can settle this and all other great questions with which the race now contends.

What then should be the attitude of one today who in the light of "Present Truth" beholds the storm arising from every quarter and the great Time of Trouble approaching with rapidity? We answer in the language of the Prophet, "Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought His [HG516] judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness; it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord's anger." (Zeph. 2:3) For more than eighteen centuries the Christian has prayed, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth. as it is done in heaven." Even the world unconsciously awaits the coming of this Kingdom. Therefore let him whom God has favored with some knowledge of His great Plan turn his heart to the Lord, present himself wholly to God, that he may know and do His will, and thus prepare himself for the ushering in of the Kingdom, which shall uplift all the families of the earth.


Time after time the world's scientific conclusions have contradicted each other. It is not long since Evolutionists gave the impression to the public that but a little while ago they ascended from monkey parentage. Their latest pronouncement is that man three hundred thousand years ago was quite intelligent, perhaps equally so with man of the present time. They have dug up a skeleton in England which they claim teaches this. Hear the testimony set forth by the "London Standard."

In a work-room of the Royal College of Surgeons, in Lincoln's Inn-fields, there lies at the present moment the skeleton of what is probably the earliest European man yet discovered, with the sole exception of that specimen of our species who owned the huge "Heidelberg" jaw. It has been brought to light in the ordinary course of extending a brickyard about a mile to the north of Ipswich, and English scientists and archaeologists have carefully lifted it, and are investigating its claims to antiquity. Professor Keith, curator of the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons, who removed it from the earth in which it was preserved, showed it to a "Standard" representative.

First, there is soil, then a boulder-clay layer riddled with chalk, and then mid-glacial sand. The skeleton was found just where the boulder-clay meets the mid-glacial sands, and its preservation is due to the chalky glacial sand. One may calculate, perhaps. that the man dates from 300,000 to 400,000 years ago, for all the beds of the rivers of England were cut out subsequently to the period marked by the boulder-clay and glacial sand.


Professor Keith took up the jaw-less head of the skeleton, and pointed to the cast of the brain formed by the infiltration of the boulder-clay. "There is the third frontal convolution, you notice, with which speech is connected. It is very well developed, and so one may conclude that our friend belonged to a stage of advanced civilization.

The forehead is sloping, but quite similar to our own foreheads. Here is a bit of it-the supra-orbital bone-just above the eyes, and you note that it is not pushed to the extreme and menacing development of the later 'Neanderthal' man.

"However, the remarkable thing is the similarity of form between this earliest European and ourselves. In fact, the later 'Neanderthal' man is quite old fashioned, so to speak, while this man, in most of the configuration of his skeleton, is of our own time. If our surmises are correct, this means that, physically, modern man was a developed creature before the beginning of the glacial period. Thus two types of primitive man existed side by side, but one type endured." Our learned professors get themselves into all this difficulty because they have concluded that the Bible is a foolish, old Book, not at all Divinely inspired. A return to faith in the Bible would correct all their difficulties. To our understanding the Bible teaches that man has been on the earth only six thousand years-and surely the present rate of increase of population accords well with this theory. According to the Bible account we may understand that the last glacial period was at the time of the last great flood, which occurred in Noah's day, as previous great floods had occurred long before man came into the world. These floods were all accompanied by glacial periods. They came from the falling in upon the earth of great bodies of water which previously surrounded the earth like rings, as now seen around Saturn. These rings gradually, one after the other, drew nearer the earth, spread out like an envelope, made it temperate for a time, and finally burst at the poles, bringing floods. These floods produced the Arctic glaciers. According to the Bible account, therefore, we would say that the man whose skeleton has recently been found was drowned in the flood in Noah's day-about 4,300 years ago, instead of 300,000 years ago. Let us stick to the good old Book. [HG517]


The ancient capital of the Jebusites, whose known history runs back to 1400 B. C. is to resound with the gongs of the trolley car and the fire engine.

The narrow, tortuous and dirty streets which the naked feet of the crusaders trod, are to be asphalted and drained and kept clean and will be washed down by an up-to-date water supply.

The city, which was the seat of David's kingdom, will be lighted by electricity.

Doubtless the Jericho and Jerusalem, and the Zion and Dead Sea electric railways will be operated. New York American


More Logical than the Trinity of the Creeds This article can be found in its entirety in the Newspaper Sermons, entitled, "The Trinity of the Bible."


"The Rev. Lyman Abbott, of New York, spoke sadly of the decadence of the power of the pulpit, addressing 3,000 University of Wisconsin men and women at a convention at Madison, Wis. 'It is said the cloth has lost its power-it has,' said Dr. Abbott. 'It is said the pulpit has lost its power-it has. But a man, altruistic in the highest sense and spiritual, will never lose his power.' "Press Report It was certainly appropriate that Dr. Abbott should make the above statement to college people. Admitting the facts, let us find also their cause. It is because of the inconsistency of its teaching that the pulpit has lost its power with the masses.

The pulpit backs up and endorses the teachings of all the colleges along the lines of Higher Criticism and Evolution. The people are coming to understand that this means that the pulpit is in antagonism to the Bible. If Evolution be true, man never fell and hence needed no Redeemer and no saving from a fallen state, but needed merely to be let alone in his evolutionary progress. According to Higher Criticism the Bible in general is unreliable. Moses never wrote the books accredited to him, and Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and others never wrote the books accredited to them-never were inspired of God to write these books. And if this be true, then Jesus and the Apostles were deceived and could not have been inspired by God when they quoted from these sacred writings of the past and declared them to be the Word of God and vouched for their authorship.


On the other hand the public notice that the very ministers who thus preach Evolution, Higher Criticism, unbelief in the Divine Revelation, keep right along preaching some of the absurdities which our forefathers claimed were in harmony with the Bible. Is it any wonder that the people are coming to see the inconsistency of such a position?

The result is that the masses have less and less confidence in the clergy. The people do not know what the clergy believe even when they hear them speak, for their address may be from the standpoint of the creeds or from the standpoint of Higher Criticism, according to their moods. The result of this uncertain sounding of the trumpet is that the masses are coming to the conclusion that the whole matter of religion is a big guess and that some of the guesses are influenced by temporal considerations.

The unbelief of the people grows and threatens to become agnosticism, or worse, atheism! Those who have brought about this condition of things during the past thirty years are the college professors and the best educated pulpiteers of Christendom. And now they stand astonished at the results, which they should have [HG518] foreseen. Verily they are fulfilling the Divine prophecies of Isaiah, which, referring to our day, declare, "The wisdom of their wise men shall perish; the understanding of their prudent men shall not be manifest." (Isa. 29:14) No wonder the civilized world is in trepidation as it sees the onward march of Socialism!

And however honest and well intentioned many Socialists may be, the result of their effort will spell anarchy and a time of trouble such as the world has never yet seen-a time of trouble, however, predicted by Daniel the Prophet, whose prediction was endorsed by Jesus Himself. Dan. 12:1; Matt. 24:21 What is the remedy? No remedy can possibly reach the disease! The Bible rightly understood is the balm of Gilead which alone could have helped. But matters have gone so far that comparatively few have sufficient confidence in the Bible to be willing to make a re" examination of it in the light of the Divine Plan of the Ages, which alone shows the harmony of the Word of God, from beginning to end.

The Handwriting on the Wall "MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN"

"Weighed in the balances and found wanting"

The Book of Daniel is one of those against which the "Higher Critics" expend special energy, some being inclined to call it a fiction, while others declare it to be a history of the period of Antiochus Epiphanes (over three hundred years after Daniel's death) and that it was written by some unknown writer who attached Daniel's name as a disguise. Modem science and the "Higher Critics" are very much opposed to anything in the nature of positive prophecy-anything claiming to be of direct Divine inspiration, and in any sense of the word attempting to foretell the future.

The Book of Daniel is pre-eminently marked with these characteristics and hence it, more than any other book of the Old Testament, has the reprobation of these gentlemen. But the Lord, through the Apostle and the Prophet, forewarned us of these wise men, whose wisdom would become a trap and a snare unto them:" The wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid [obscured]." Isa. 29:14; 1 Cor. 1:26-29 Our Lord also pointed out that these tidings are hidden from the wise and prudent of this world and revealed unto babes-made clear to those who make no boast of wisdom according to the course of this world. (Matt. 11:25) How true to facts we find this to be! While many of the great and reamed are stumbling into "Higher Criticism" and other forms of infidelity, the Lord's "little ones"-meek, humble, teachable, learning from the Father's Word-are being instructed, and are growing in grace and in the knowledge of the Truth.

To those who have clearly in mind the presentations and interpretations of Daniel's prophecies, as presented in Studies in the Scriptures, there is no need for elaborate arguments to prove that this wonderful Book of Daniel is not a fiction-that it is more wonderful by far than any fiction that could have been written. And to them it will be useless for any to declare it a history of events which happened in 167 B. C. and falsely set forth as a prophecy by Daniel; for they see fulfillments past, present and to come, far larger and grander and more wonderful than anything which occurred at the date named-they see in these fulfillments unmistakable evidence of superhuman intelligence, and that, as Daniel declared, the Most High God therein revealed the secrets of His Plan still future. Matt. 24:15


Daniel was carried captive with Jehoiachim, King of Judah, and many of the nobility of the land of Israel, eighteen years before the final captivity by the Babylonians in the days of Zedekiah, when the land was left desolate, without an inhabitant, and the seventy years of desolation began. Daniel was fourteen years old when carried captive to Babylon, and consequently lived to the extreme age of over one hundred years. Dan. 1:21

Babylon, the capital city of Babylonia, was the richest and most wonderful city in the world in its day. Indeed, at its zenith Babylon was mistress of the then civilized world-the first Universal Empire.

Wealth and prosperity are likely to beget luxurious ease and also to excite the cupidity and ambition of enemies. Accordingly, the Medes and Persians had consolidated, and their army, under Cyrus, for several months had been besieging Babylon, whose citizens, however, felt quite secure behind their immense walls, and amply provisioned for a longer siege than it was [HG518] supposed any army could enforce. So great was the confidence of the King of Babylon in the strength of his capital that he made a great feast to a thousand of his lords.

This feast seems to have been in the nature of a boast of the greatness of Babylon; and as though to emphasize his power and to remind his nobles and lords that none of the gods of the surrounding nations had been able to deliver their peoples out of the hand of Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar had called for the vessels of gold and silver brought from the Jewish Temple, and these were profaned by drinking therefrom to the honor of Bel, the god of Babylon.


In the midst of the revelry of the feast, the King, his counselors and lords were astonished to see a part of a hand writing certain fiery letters upon the wall of the palace. The revelry ceased, a hush of fear came over all; the flush of confidence upon the King's face gave place to one of terror; he trembled and called for the advice of the wise men to interpret the wonderful message, but they were unable to explain the matter satisfactorily. The King was greatly disappointed; but his mother came to his assistance, informing him of Daniel, who had given to his father, Nebuchadnezzar, an interpretation of a dream, when all the wise men of Babylon had failed; and accordingly Daniel was sent for.

The aged Prophet, at this time about ninety years old, as an officer of the kingdom, doubtless resided in one of the palace buildings near by, and in response to the King's command he stood before him. The King, realizing the importance of the message, manifested his anxiety by offering-first to the astrologers, and now to Daniel-a great reward for the interpretation-to be robed in royal purple, with a royal golden chain as insignia of rank, and to be third in dignity and power in the Empire. The first thing in the account which strikes us is the nobility of God's servant in renouncing all claim to these gifts as a reward for the service of interpreting God's message- "Let thy gifts be to thyself, and give thy rewards to another; yet I will read the writing unto the King, and make known the interpretation."


We may stop here long enough to take a valuable lesson, to the effect that all who would be the mouthpieces of the Lord, and speak forth His Word should, like Daniel, do so without stipulation of compensation. Only from this standpoint can any hope to be entirely free and untrammeled in speaking words of truth and soberness, which may be very distasteful to those who inquire the mind of the Lord. Had Daniel thanked the King for the promised gifts, and thus accepted them as a reward for his service, he would have felt obligated to the King to such an extent that it might have warped his judgment, or have weakened his expression of the Lord's Message. And the King in turn would have felt that, having paid for the information, it should be a smooth, favorable message.

And just so it is with some of the Lord's true servants in Mystic Babylon. They have the opportunity presented to speak the Lord's Word; yet many of them are handicapped by reason of having received honors and robes, and are more or less inclined to hide and cover the message now due to Babylon in this its Laodicean Epoch. They are bound by the "chain of gold around their necks." Rev. 3:14-22

The aged Prophet displayed gentleness as well as fearlessness in the delivery of his message. It was stated as kindly as the truth would permit but the truth was not withheld by reason of fear. He recounted to the King his father's exaltation to power, and ascribed it not to the god of Babylon, but to the God of Israel. He reminded the King that pride had caused his father's downfall, resulting in his degradation to bestial conditions for "seven times" (" seven times" corresponding to the seven years, a "time" signifying a year-a lunar year of 360 days) Applying the Scriptural scale- "a day for a year" (Eze. 4:5, 6)-each "time" would represent 360 years, and "seven times" would be 7 x 360 years or 2520 years of Gentile domination, which period, by most careful calculation, we understand will end, in October, 1914. [See Scripture Studies, Vol. 3, p. 15S, etc.] Daniel reminded King Belshazzar that in the end Nebuchadnezzar had acknowledged the God of heaven as the real Ruler amongst men, and he then charged home to the King that instead of profiting by this experience, of which he well knew, he had lifted up his heart to pride, had ignored the only true God, and had even brought what he knew were the sacred vessels of Jehovah's service to profane them in the worship and glorification of idols- "gods of silver, gold, brass, iron, wood and stone, which see not, nor hear, nor know." He pointed out to the King that he had thus dishonored and defied "the God in whose hand [power] thy breath is [the God of all life-Acts 17:28, 29], and whose are all thy ways [who has full power to control your course]." This true God he had not glorified, but dishonored. [HG520]


By thus kindly but plainly showing the King the truth, the Prophet prepared the way for the exposition of the fateful words- "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin."

"Mene" was repeated, probably for the sake of emphasis- "Numbered! Numbered!"-the limit of the time of your dominion has expired.

"Tekel"-short weight, lacking.

"Peres" signifies divided, and its plural form, "Upharsin" gives the thought of broken or crushed into pieces-destroyed.

Nothing in the word "peres" signifies Medes and Persians, but the Prophet knew from the interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar's vision that the Babylonian dominion would be followed by the Medo-Persian kingdom, and he also knew that the Medes and Persians were already besieging the city.

So far from being offended with the plain words of the Prophet, Belshazzar seems to have felt their truth, and gave command that the honors already promised should be bestowed upon Daniel. But meantime other matters were transpiring in his capital, of which the King and his lords were unaware, so that the fulfillment of the doom written upon the palace wall was close at hand.

While the Babylonians were feasting and reveling in fancied security, Cyrus, the general of the united forces of the Medes and Persians, having studied up a plan of attack, had already caused a great ditch to be dug above the city, to divert the waters of the River Euphrates into a new channel. This river flowed through the center of Babylon diagonally, and was protected by enormous gates of brass, which were supposed to be equally impregnable as the three hundred-foot wall.


Indeed, it would appear that the Babylonians had never a fear of attack from the river, and had left it comparatively unguarded. Consequently, when Cyrus had diverted the stream into the new channel he found little difficulty in marching his troops under the brass gates into the city, so that at the very time the revelry was progressing in Belshazzar's palace the soldiers of Cyrus were taking possession of the entire city, and very shortly after Daniel's interpretation of the writing the troops reached the palace, Belshazzar was slain, and the new empire of Medo-Persia was inaugurated- "without fighting," as the tablets declare. Thus did Babylon fall suddenly- "in one hour."

The thoughtful Bible student must of necessity have always in view the many correspondencies which the Scriptures institute between Literal Babylon and Mystic Babylon, and when he is studying the account of the fall of Literal Babylon his attention is naturally drawn also to the foretold fall of Mystic Babylon, in the end of this Age. Indeed, he must be comparatively blind who cannot see that the wonderful prophecies which speak of the fall of Babylon were not wholly fulfilled by Cyrus the Persian. The fall of literal Babylon, while it was sudden, and while it made a great commotion amongst the nations, lacks much of filling to the full the prophetic picture. Much of these prophecies still wait for fulfillment in Mystic or Symbolic Babylon today; and this fact is abundantly supported by the prophecies of the Book of Revelation, written centuries after the fall of Literal Babylon, which unmistakably refer to Mystic Babylon, and use language almost identical with that of Jeremiah.

We request that at your convenience you read Isa. 13:1-19, in confirmation of what we have said. We recommend further that you compare Jer. 50:15, 29 with Rev. 18:6; and Jer. 50:38 with Rev. 16:12; and the 46th verse of Jeremiah 50 with Rev. 18:9. Compare also Jer. 51:69 with Rev. 18:4-6; and (verse 13 of Jeremiah 51) with Rev. 17:1-15; and (verses 37, 63, 64 of Jeremiah 51) with Rev. 18:2, 4, 21.

It will be noticed, further, that, as Literal Babylon sat upon the literal River Euphrates, so Mystic Babylon is said to sit upon the waters (peoples). It should be noticed, also that as the literal city was captured by the diversion of the literal waters, so Symbolic Babylon is to fall by reason of the diversion of the symbolic Euphrates, which in Rev. 16:12, it is foretold, shall be "dried up-that the way of the Kings of the East might be prepared."

The Kings of the East, or Kings from the sun-rising (R. V.), are, we understand, the Kings of Christ's Kingdom, who are also Priests-the Body of Christ, the Royal Priesthood:" Thou hast made them unto our God kings and priests, and they shall reign on the earth." (Rev. 5:10.) From this standpoint of view, Cyrus with his army, overthrowing Literal Babylon, was a figure or illustration of Messiah, King of kings and Lord of lords, who with His faithful will shortly overthrow Mystic Babylon, and take possession of the world in the name of Jehovah, to establish the Kingdom for which He taught us to pray, "Our Father; ... Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven." [HG521]


This likeness of Cyrus to Messiah is not merely in the particulars noted. It should be remembered that the name Cyrus signifies "the sun," and that thus in his name he reminds us of the prophecy of Christ- "The Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His beams." Moreover, there were sundry very remarkable prophecies respecting Cyrus, made long before he had come into prominence. Through the Prophet Isaiah (Isa. 44:28) the Lord speaks of Cyrus as His shepherd, who would lead back Israel; and again (Isa. 45:1-4), He calls him His Anointed, saying, "Thus saith the Lord to His Anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have holden to subdue nations before him; and I will loose the loins of kings, to open before him the two-leaved gates, and the gates shall not be shut; I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight; I will break in pieces the gates of brass and cut in sunder the bars of iron; and I will give thee the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, Jehovah, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel. For Jacob My servant's sake, and Israel Mine elect, I have even called thee by name; I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known Me."

In this prophecy Cyrus is evidently indicated, and yet just as evidently a greater than he is indirectly referred to, viz., the Prince of the kings of the east, who in Revelation is shown as drying up the symbolic Euphrates and destroying Symbolic Babylon, and delivering Spiritual Israel. And the time for the fulfillment of the symbol is clearly indicated, by the drying up of the Euphrates, under the sixth vial of the "Day of Wrath;" and the fall of Babylon, under the seventh vial, resulting in the liberty of all of God's people from the thraldom, through false doctrine, which has been upon them for lo, these many years, is portrayed as resulting.

Babylon literal fell because, when tried in the balances by the Lord, she was found wanting; Mystic Babylon falls for a similar reason. Literal Babylon never was Israel, but the Israelites were for a time swallowed up in Babylon; likewise Mystic Babylon never was Spiritual Israel, though for a long time Spiritual Israel has been in captivity to Mystic Babylon. As the same Cyrus who overthrew literal Babylon made the proclamation which permitted literal Israel to return from captivity, so it is the King of kings who, upon taking His great power as earth's new King, will set free all of the Lord's people – and in advance He sends the message to those who have ears to hear, saying, "Babylon the Great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of demons and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird . . . Come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."-Rev. 18:2-4.


The great feast which preceded the fall of Babylon would seem to correspond well with the great denominational Union expected soon (Church Federation), and the correspondingly short season of rejoicing which will accompany it. The gold and silver vessels of the Lord's house which were profaned may fitly represent, not only the precious truths of Divine revelation, but also the Lord's consecrated people-the golden vessels representing the "little flock," and the more numerous silver vessels representing the "great company." What may be the character of the defilement and injury of these antitypical vessels is, of course, problematical, but in any case we remember that those consecrated vessels in the type were all highly honored and restored to the temple by Cyrus, and likewise we know that not only the truths of Divine revelation will all be cared for by our Lord, but also that all who are His shall be glorified in the Spiritual Temple which He will shortly rear.

No one can make these comparisons, we believe, and not feel fully convinced that the Holy Spirit, dictating through Isaiah and Jeremiah, was the same Holy Spirit which guided St. John through the Apocalyptic vision. Nor can such students escape the conclusion that the force of the prophecies applies specially to Mystic Babylon, rather than to the literal city and country. As one section of Literal Babylon fell before another, so Revelation predicts it will be with Mystic Babylon. As Literal Babylon ruled over the whole world, so Mystic Babylon is represented as ruling the civilized world, and hence the entire world.


As the lords of Babylon were made drunk by wine which they drank from the golden vessels captured from the temple at Jerusalem, so Mystic Babylon, represented by a woman, is said to make all nations drunk with the wine, or doctrine, which she gives them out of the golden cup which she holds in her hand.

Like a great millstone Mystic Babylon shall be cast into the sea to rise no more.

As the literal Israelites were invited to leave Babylon the literal, and were [HG522] helped so to do, but only a few responded, so Spiritual Israelites are urged to leave Mystic Babylon, in which they have been in captivity, but only a comparatively small number have a sufficiency of courage, love and zeal to respond at the first-others will be delivered after her collapse. Now, however, the message is, "Babylon is fallen, is fallen"(that is, sentenced to fall, which sentence, we believe, will be fulfilled shortly). "Come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."-Rev. 18:2-5.


No student can examine the records without astonishment and a realization that Mystic Babylon must be some great, influential system of great power in the world during this Gospel Age, and especially at its close. The very prominence given to Babylon, both in prophecy and in Revelation, warns God's people that if they have not yet found Babylon they should seek for her. For so great an institution as made all nations drunk with her false doctrine must be very prominent, indeed, to those who were made so under the influence of the stupefying draft from her cup.

Indeed, the intimation is that the whole civilized world will be so intoxicated with the false teaching of Babylon as to be completely under her influence. And when she falls it is particularly explained that all the great, the rich, the mighty, the influential of earth will mourn the catastrophe of her fall. Only the saintly few will recognize its true import and rejoice.

It seems very clear that many of us were once part and parcel of this great Babylon-this great system of confusion by which the Divine character has been so traduced through the creedal misinterpretations of the Divine Word. We are aware that Catholics declare Protestants to be this Babylon system; and we are aware that Protestants claim that Catholics are this Babylon system. To our understanding of the Divine Word, both are right! Babylon is the "mother" system and the various sects of Protestantism are the "daughters," and the name Babylon is a family name It belongs to the "mother" system first, and to all the "daughters" of the system now, as well. Improper association with the world, its governments and systems, is a crime to which both are parties. The "daughters" have followed the example of the "mother," and more or less are coming back into sympathy with her in all particulars. None of them have maintained the proper attitude of virginity and separateness from the world.


Do not misunderstand us. We believe that there are true saints of God in all the various parts of Christendom- "mother" and "daughters." We do not even charge nor believe that those who have upheld and are upholding the various sections of Babylon have an evil intention; we believe that they are thoroughly "drunk," intoxicated with their own erroneous theories. The fall of their present institutions will be a startling blow to them, for they verily believe them to be Christ's Kingdom-and style them such-Christendom.

The fall of Babylon will astonish the entire world, so complete is the delusion that Christendom represents the throne and government of Messiah amongst men.

And, be it remembered, the vast majority in all the various sects and denominations of Christendom are worldly people who have no conception whatever of the true Church and her cause. Their ambition is to approximate righteousness and a form of godliness, but no more than this seems to them necessary; more would be irrational, unreasonable, since they have not been begotten of the Holy Spirit and therefore cannot appreciate things from the Divine standpoint.

To them the fall of Babylon at first is astounding, a perplexity, but will work no real injury, because the reign of Babylon over the earth will be superseded by the reign of the New Jerusalem-the Kingdom of God's dear Son. The most saintly of God's people will hear the voice of Divine command, "Come out of her, My people," and will obey it before the fall comes. But a large number, even of the Lord's people, lacking courage, will share with Babylon the troubles of that hour.

Subsequently, however, these will rejoice and be glad, when they realize the justice of the Divine execution against Babylon; and to them will come, as an inferior company, an invitation to attend the "marriage supper of the Lamb." Their honorable position will be that of bridesmaids to the still more faithful and courageous "little flock," who will be accounted worthy to be the "Bride" and to sit with the Redeemer in His throne. Then speedily will follow the long-promised "Times of Restitution" to the world of mankind, for which we pray, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is done in heaven." (Acts 3:19-21.) Then is when "the Spirit and the Bride shall say, 'Come'; and let him that heareth say, 'Come'; and let him that is athirst come; and whosoever will let him take the Water of Life freely" (the Truth uncontaminated with error).-Rev. 22:17.