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(For method of using these Studies and meaning of abbreviations, see our issue of March 1.)

1. What is the importance of knowledge? Matt. 4:4; Z.'02-245-248; Z.'03-166 (2nd col. par. 3) to 167.

2. In what four ways may knowledge be obtained? A.121, par. 3.

3. In which of these ways did Adam possess a knowledge of evil before he sinned? A.122, par. 2.

4. Where is the source of all true knowledge? Jno. 17:17; Prov. 2:6; Jno. 6:45; E.54, par. 1,2,3.

5. How is knowledge "God's first gift to man"? Z.'03-435.

6. What is the relation between knowledge and faith? A.13, par. 1; A.20, par. 2; A.21, par. 1; Z.'94-329 (1st col. par. 2); Z.'99-3 (2nd col. par. 1).

7. Who only are counted "worthy" to know "the deep things of God"? Psa. 25:9,12,14; Matt. 11:25; Z.'00-136 (1st col. par. 3); Z.'02-332 (1st col. par. 3,4) and (2nd col. par. 1); Z.'97-255-257.

8. Is knowledge necessary to salvation? Rom. 10:17; A.102 (par. 1) to 106; Acts 10:22; Z.'02-108 (2nd).

9. What is the difference between knowing about God and knowing God? Jno. 17:3; Z.'97-115 (1st col. par. 1,2,3); Z.'97-117 (2nd col. par. 1;); Z.'00-136 (2nd col. par. 1).

10. Does knowledge increase responsibility? Luke 12:47,48; F.719, par. 1; A.349, par. 1.

11. What is our duty toward building up each other in knowledge? F.263, 264; Z.'03-207 (2nd col. par. 1).

12. How do we know we are accepted as probationary members of the body of Christ? 1 Thess. 1:4,5; E.249, 250; F.191, par. 1.

13. What is our present inheritance through obedience to our knowledge of God's will? Eph. 1:7,18; Z.'01-55 (2nd col. par. 1) to 56.

14. What effect does the knowledge of the Truth have upon superstitious fears? Jno. 8:32; Z.'03-62 (1st col. par. 2) and (2nd col).

15. How do we "grow in knowledge"? Prov. 2:3-6; 2 Pet. 3:18; Z.'03-61 (2nd col. par. 1 to 4) and 62 par. 1; Z.'03-70 (1st col. par. 1).

16. What is the significance of "the helmet of salvation," and is it more important now than in the past? Eph. 6:17; F.658, par. 1; Z.'01-286 ("Philosophy of the Ransom."); Z.'03-69 (2nd col. par. 1).

17. Can we give too much attention to acquiring knowledge? F.319, par. 1; Z.'99-156 (1st col. par. 1).

18. What is the relation between knowledge and love? 1 Cor. 13:2; Z.'03-56 (1st col. par. 1,2); 2 Pet. 1:8; E.259 (par. 1 to 3); Z.'00-184 (1st col. par. 2,3); Z.'03-200 (1st col. par. 1 to 3); Z.'97-234 (1st col. par. 1). [R3551 : page 135]

19. What is the difference between the knowledge which precedes justifying faith, and the knowledge which we should "add to" our faith? 2 Pet. 1:5; Z.'96-221 ("Questions of Interest").

20. How are "grace and peace multiplied" unto us through knowledge? 2 Pet. 1:2,3; Z.'97-114 (1st and 2nd cols.); A.346.

21. What is the relation between knowledge and prayer? Jno. 15:7; F.679,680; F.688, par. 1; Z.'03-204 (1st and 2nd cols).

22. Do all kinds of knowledge profit us? Jno. 17:17; F.137, par. 2.

23. How can we explain the Apostle's statement, [R3551 : page 136] "Ye know all things," and "need not that any man teach you." 1 Jno. 2:20,27; E.304 to 311; F.260,261.

24. Explain Isaiah 53:11. E.100, par. 1,2; Z.'95-156 (2nd col. par. 1).

25. Should we expect to have any knowledge of the future? Amos 3:7; Jno. 16:13; B.15, par. 3; Z.'02-86 (2nd col. par. 1).

26. What evidences have we that Dan. 12:4 is being fulfilled? A.337, par. 1; D.414, par. 1; Z.'02-86 (1st col. par. 1 to 3).

27. When will "the knowledge of the Lord fill the earth as the waters cover the sea," and "all men come unto the knowledge of the truth"? Isa. 11:9; 1 Tim. 2:4; A.74, par. 3; E.20, par. 2; A.105, par. 2.

28. What will be the relation between knowledge and faith in the Millennial Age? Z.'00-238 (2nd col. par. 1,2) to 239; F.106 (par. 3) to 107.