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Last Updated March 10, 2014

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Associated Bible Students of Central Ohio (ABSCO)
Baltimore Bible Students (Maryland) Volumes and booklets listed to order.
Beauties of the Truth (editor ? Richard Doctor) Magazine with various Bible topics.
Bible Student (Allen Springer) (Sighet, Romania) Many photo galleries of interest to brethren; Current news from the Middle East; Complete HTDB on-line; Great Pyramid; Noah's Ark; Real Video; non English resources, etc.
Bible Student (Alys Schneider) (Chicago) The illustrated 1st Volume in six languages: English, French, German, Polish, Romanian, and Spanish.
Bible Student Chronology Books and papers from Pastor Russell, John Edgar and others. Various charts from Edgar's and others. Audio discourses on time prophecy.
Bible Student Archives (Jordan Gray) (Ohio) A collection of articles, graphics, treatises and references related to important applications of Scripture and prophecy. All the volumes in MP3 (32 kbps) format for download. All the volumes in RealMedia (6.8 kbps) format for download.
Bible Student (Ed Grabner) A fully indexed web site for searching the Volumes, Reprints, Sermon Book, Overland Monthly, Question Book, Manna, Songs in the Night, Promises, Hymns, Poems and Comments.
Bible Student (Eugene Burns) 4 Sections: (1) Verse by verse study (2) Topical study of Revelation (3) Glossary (4) 31 Questions/Answers refuting the "Left Behind" series.
Bible Student (Eric Patterson - Dayton, Ohio)
(Norman Pedlar) (Warren MI.) Website documenting the life, ministry, and legacy of Pastor Charles Taze Russell.
Bible Student (Jack Ensley) (Spokane)
Bible Student (Jeff Mezera) (Darien, IL) The Bible Students' Library 2: (Free downloads of new Bible Students' Library!)
Harvest Truth Database 7 (search) Please note: This opens in a separate window because once at that site (at least using Internet Explorer) you cannot use the navigation button to return.
Mahomet Bible Students
Christian Questions Weekly Radio program website This site contains: Archives of the radio program for several years.
Bible Student (Ron Palmgren) (Wenatchee, WA.) This site contains: old timer talks, restitution and reign talks, talks of current interest, and pictures. The talks are in MP3 files and can be heard from the web page or downloaded.
Bible Student: (Richard Hill) (Douglasville, GA, USA)
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Volumes, Reprints, Harvest Gleanings, Overland Monthly, Sermons, Question Book, Photodrama, Covenants, Bible w/Expanded Comments, Manna, Promises, Songs in the Night. Bible and CTR refs linked. Topical Studies. Chart of the Ages linked to Pastor Russell's explanation.
Bible Students Online (Rolando Rodriguez) (N.J.) An email forum and a message board.
Bible Students Congregation of New Brunswick (New Jersey) A large choice of current event and doctrinal topics with emphasis on God's dealings with Israel.
Chicago Bible Students (Chicago) Christian reading material online.
Columbus Bible Students Ecclesia For access to some of the site you will need to enter userid and password. Easy to follow instructions which Bible Students will have no trouble with.
Columbus Bible Students Ecclesia
Dawn Bible Students (New Jersey) Read Dawn Mag. online. Helpful articles on Christian living, doctrine, and current events. Listen to ?Frank and Ernest radio & "The Bible Answers" TV schedules.
Divine Plan Online (Fort Worth, Texas) By the publishers of the Divine Plan Journal. Includes radio and television schedules for the Divine Plan Program.
Food for Thinking Jehovah's Witnesses (Rolando Rodriqez) (New Jersey) It examines their history, practices, and beliefs in light of scripture and reason.
Hartford Bible Students (Connecticut)
Herald of Christ's Kingdom (Pastoral Bible Institute) (CA) See links in magazine for other topics.
Miami Valley Bible Students
Millennial Morning (Associated Bible Students of Jersey City) (N.J.)
North Seattle Bible Students (Seattle, Wa.) The Divine Plan of the Ages and other Bible study aid online.
North Suburban Detroit Bible Students (Royal Oak, Michigan) View/Download On-line Book and Booklet Bible Studies of special interest, Newsletters, Audio/Videos, Books, Studies in the Scriptures.
Northwest Indiana Bible Students (Hebron, IN.) Provides Truth literature in both English and Spanish languages.
Oakland County Bible Students (Michigan)
Portland Area Bible Students (Oregon) Publications from Edgar's, Benjamin Barton and others. Portland Conventions from 2005 (mp3). Doctrine and Prophecy studies.

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Bible Students (M&L Hohenacker) (Lake Cowichan) (British Columbia) God's Millennium Blessing explained in the Bible.
Winnipeg Bible Students Association (Manitoba) Along with Periodic Christian newsletters and a variety of Bible research material.

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Association des Etudiants de la Bible (Bible Students' Association)

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Ludwigshafen Bible Students (Germany) With Volumes, Tabernacle Shadows and Manna in German.

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Polish Bible Students Volumes, Chart, Other material in Polish.