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RVIC2000 (American Revised Version, Improved and Corrected)

We are pleased to announce the addition of the RVIC Bible Translation, containing both Old and New Testaments.

What is the RVIC?
"ARV (1901) corrected where necessitated by new manuscript discoveries, better knowledge of the Hebrew and Greek, or removing theological biases of the RV and ARV translators (but only where required by Hebrew or Greek)."

While this is a "Text Only" version of this wonderful work it still has great value. The language style is that found in the ARV (American Revised Version) the correction of translation errors alone would make this a valuable tool in Bible study. Our only regret is that we are unable to provide integrated access to the extensive footnotes found throughout this translation.

Where do I find the RVIC?

It is found the same way as the KJV (King James Version). You may click on the navigation button (found on the left panel) "Bible (with Comments)," or from any reference that takes you to the bible. When you are viewing a bible chapter there will now appear at the top of the page (to the right of the book title and chapter number) a button. If you are currently viewing the KJV the button will be labeled "RVIC". If you are currently viewing the RVIC the button will be labeled "KJV". To see the other version simply click the button.